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The French government’s intolerable snub to democracy


Democracy belongs to neither the Left nor the Right, and when it is flouted by governments of either political side every democrat worthy of the name must simply say “no”, argues Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel following the socialist government’s decision to force through parliament, without a vote, its controversial labour law reforms which, he writes in this op-ed, represent a social regression for every employee in France.

French government forces through labour law reform by decree

Faced with a rebellion from its own socialist camp, the government will sidestep a parliamentary vote on its controversial law that has prompted mass street protests.

Ex-EDF finance chief 'wanted three-year delay' on Hinkley Point decision

Thomas Piquemal, who resigned in March over plan to build nuclear plant in UK, told French parliament it carries a 'major construction risk'.

France's controversial labour law reform begins passage through parliament

The bill, which has prompted weeks of nationwide protsests from unions and student groups, would free up hire and fire conditions for employers.

France extends state of emergency for further three months

French parliament approved a second extension of the powers, introduced after the November 13th Paris terrorist attacks, until May 26th.

French parliament approves first reading of anti-terror reform bill

If adopted definitively, the bill will enshrine state of emergency into France’s constitution and strip French nationality from convicted terrorists.

French MPs narrowly back move to strip convicted terrorists of nationality

French lower house approves by a margin of 14 votes the measure to be written into the constitution and which has divided ruling socialist camp.

French government closely watching UK parliament vote on Syria airstrikes

As MPs debate joining attacks on Islamic State group in Syria, France regards a 'yes' vote as being of high military and diplomatic importance. 

French parliament approves Greek bailout deal

France's lower and upper houses voted by strong majorities to approve the controversial 86 billion-euro debt bailout plan agreed on Monday.

French PM insists France refuses Greek exit from eurozone

Manuel Valls told French parliament said keeping Greece in euro and EU "is something of the utmost geostrategic and geopolitical importance".

French Parliament adopts law boosting surveillance powers

Controversial law will broaden eavesdropping of terror suspects despite protests from human rights groups about impact on civil liberties.

French lower house approves French mass surveillance law

The National Assembly approved by 438 votes to 86 a bill giving the state wide-ranging spying powers, strongly decried by rights' groups.

French government survives no-confidence vote in parliament

The no-confidence motion was triggered by the socialist government's use of a decree to force through pro-business reforms after a leftist revolt.

French parliament approves continuation of anti-IS military campaign

A near-total majority of French MPs voted in favour of continuing the country's air strikes against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

French PM pledges 'implacable response' to terror threat

Addressing French parliament on Tuesday, Manuel Valls warned 'very serious risks remain', as hunt for accomplices to terror attacks continued.