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French firefighters protest pay and working conditions

Firefighters held a march in Paris on Tuesday in protest over working conditions, including low staff numbers, poor pay and inadequate protection against violence increasingly directed against them, when unions claimed a turnout of between 7,000 and 10,000.

French public sector workers stage one-day strike

Hospital staff, teachers and air traffic controllers were among millions of employees from the French public sector staging a one-day strike on Monday in protest over pay and budgetary restrictions, and notably a wage freeze for certain categories introduced by Presuident Emmanuel Macron, with street demonstrations held in several major towns and cities.

French government leads shareholder revolt against Renault

Just over half of investors voted against boss Carlos Ghosn’s annual €7.3m package in a non-binding vote at the carmaker’s AGM in Paris.

French mayor forced to double his pay against his will

Elected official who cut his own salary to keep down local costs is forced under new law to pay himself twice as much as he planned.

French truck drivers set up nationwide road blocades

The drivers mounted road blocks and go-slow traffic convoys over deadlock in a four-month dispute with employers' organisations over pay.

Cut! France to clamp down on salaries paid to big-name actors

The Centre National du Cinéma, which funds state films, wants to make movie subsidies dependent on keeping stars' wage bill down.

'Do as I say on pay, not as I do' say high-earning French bosses


When the man at the helm of the French bosses' organisation calls for wage restraint and suggests paying young workers less than the legal minimum wage, it would seem reasonable to expect him to be prepared to take a dose of his own medicine. Instead Pierre Gattaz, president of the employers' association MEDEF, has just awarded himself a 29% pay rise. He is far from being the only culprit in France's corporate world. But, says Martine Orange, the symbolism bodes ill for President François Hollande's bid to cut business costs in exchange for creating jobs, a policy on which the president has staked his political future.

Will France make paying for sex a crime?

Bill tabled by the ruling Socialist Party would make it an offence for a person to 'have recourse to prostitution', in other words to pay for sex.

Stitched-up: striking Paris hotel chambre maids mount catwalk protest