EU staff aim to punish ex-boss Barroso over Goldman job


The recent decision by former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso to join Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs as an advisor caused outrage across much of Europe. Apart from, that is, at the heart of the Brussels institution itself where Barroso's successor Jean-Claude Juncker has only just, and grudgingly, criticised the move. However, disgruntled EU staff feel Barroso's appointment further tarnishes the EU's image and are examining ways to sanction their former boss. Ludovic Lamant reports.

Peugeot-Citroën chief executive renounces 21M-euro pension deal

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Outgoing PSA chief Philippe Varin said he would forego the huge pension package which caused an outcry as the firm cuts 10,000 jobs.

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Measure has attracted little street protest at home but international critics say it does not go far enough.

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