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Macron presses ahead with pension reform as discontent grows

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Prime minister Élisabeth Borne is to detail on Tuesday plans to make the French work longer, most likely by raising the retirement age to 64 or 65 from 62 currently.

Macron says 2023 will be the year of pension reform in France

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Reforming France's costly and complicated pension system was a key plank of Macron's election platform when he came to power in 2017.

French government prepares high-stakes pension reform

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President Emmanuel Macron has made clear the French will have to work longer, with the legal retirement age potentially pushed by as much as three years to 65.

Marches held across France for pay rises and against pension reform

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A nationwide day of action called by one of France's major cross-trades unions, the CGT, in support of pay rises and against President Emmanuel Macron's announced plan to raise the retirement age on full benefits from 62 to 65, drew a turnout of 250,000 marchers according to organisers, and around half of that total according to the interior ministry.

Macron hints at softening pension reform plan as final vote looms

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Emmanuel Macron, seeking re-election in a final round of presidential elections in less than two weeks, has said he is ready to compromise his pledged agenda for raising the age of retirement on full pension rights to 65, a reform he put on hold in face of strong opposition during his five-year presidency.

France hit by fourth mass protest over pensions

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Meanwhile ministers inched towards a deal with one labour union to try to end some of the longest public sector strikes in the country’s postwar history.

Longest strike in decades in France stuck in pension reform deadlock

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France's transport strike against pension reform has entered its 29th day, making it the longest rail workers' strike since May 1968.

Macron vows to ‘fully carry out’ pension reform in end of year speech

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In the traditional presidential end-of-year TV address to the public, Macron said he hoped for a 'quick compromise' with union leaders demanding he abandon the plan.

French union calls for Christmas break in transport strike

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The CFDT union is opposed to transport strikes over Christmas period but will call for new actions in January if the government does not drop a key pension reform proposal.

French parliament squeezes through pension reform

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A reform intended to bolster the finances of France's indebted pension system has been passed by 270 votes in favour and 249 against.

French unions march in protests against pension reform

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Hardline unions denounce changes they say will penalize workers and make youths pay an unfair share of the burden.

'We'll die on the job': the dread and despair over new French pensions system reform

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French trades unions will meet with business organisations this Thursday for the start of three months of talks and negotiations on reforming the French pensions system,  ahead of a bill of reform which President François Hollande wants to present before parliament by the end of the year. At stake is the reduction of the spiralling deficit of the pay-as-you-go pensions system, which currently costs the equivalent 13.3% of the country’s GDP. “Since we are living longer, sometimes much longer, we’ll have to work at least a bit longer,” said Hollande in May, confirming that the minimum retirement age, set at 62 with rights to full benefits obtainable only after 41.5 years of contributions in unpopular reforms in 2010, is to be further increased. The issue is highly charged politically, with Hollande under strong EU pressure to reduce the public deficit while also facing widespread opposition to any further extension of the retirement age from his grass-roots supporters on the Left. Unions warn that for vast numbers of manual workers, worn out after decades of physically gruelling jobs, a further hike of the retirement age will leave them with few other prospects to look forward to other than ill-health and death. Rachida El Azzouzi travelled to the Charente region in south-west France to meet with employees of a battery-making plant who have spent most of their working lives exposed to toxic materials and working alternating shifts of repetitive, straining tasks. They speak of their dread of another rise of the retirement age and why, if Hollande attempts to do so, he can count on a fierce fight.

Hollande gears up for pension reform battle

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The French president prepares for what is potentially the most explosive reform of his presidency as an experts' report calls for tough measures.