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Macron trumpets own record as he announces mandatory vaccines for health staff and Covid 'passports'

President Emmanuel Macron's televised address on July 12th 2021. © Sébastien Calvet/Mediapart President Emmanuel Macron's televised address on July 12th 2021. © Sébastien Calvet/Mediapart

The French president addressed the nation on the evening of Monday July 12th to announce that all health workers will have to get a Covid vaccination between now and September 15th. In addition, Emmanuel Macron said that citizens will soon require a Covid pass or 'passport' for many social activities; for cinemas from July 21st and for bars and restaurants from the start of August, as well as for train journeys and longer coach trips. At the same time the president took the opportunity to praise his own track record as head of state before and during the Covid crisis and to set out some potentially controversial reforms just months ahead of next April's presidential election. Ellen Salvi reports on the president's latest televised address.

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Pension reform: French government survives two censure votes

Votes took place after thousands of people took to the streets of Paris and other cities  to denounce the pension changes,  which they fear will oblige people to work longer for less money. 

France to push pension reform through parliament by decree

The decree avoids the need for a Parliamentary vote after the opposition filed more than 40,000 amendments to the draft law.

Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensions

President Emmanuel Macron's bid to radically overhaul the post-war pension system reached the National Assembly on Monday February 18th, ahead of a long period of debate.

Pension reform protests continue with march through Paris

The now two-month long, union-led series of street protests and strikes against the French government's planned reform of the national pensions system saw another day of action with a march through Paris on Thursday, when  unions representing employees from the capital's transport network announced they would strike on February 17th during the draft legislation's passage through parliament.

Self-employed professionals in Paris protest over pension reforms

As a cross-party parliamentary committee on Monday began to examine the draft pension reform legislation, aimed at merging the country’s 42 separate pension schemes into a points-based “universal” system, self-employed professionals, including lawyers and healthcare practitioners, took to the streets of Paris to protest the planned changes, which they argue will increase their social charges, lower their pension rights and drive many out of business.

Union boss warns Macron's pension reforms 'playing with fire'

In an interview with The Guardian, Philippe Martinez, head of one of France's biggest cross-trades unions and which has spearheaded the opposition to Emmanuel Macron's plans to reform the pension scheme, said the French president 'is so sure of himself, but he’s playing with fire', warning that the 'rancour' created by the reforms will be paid by the government 'one day or another'.   

Seventh nationwide day of action against Macron pension reforms

Lawyers, students and feminist groups joined in the seventh day of national strike action and demonstrations against proposed pension reforms by mostly public sector employees on Friday, when unions claimed 350,000 turned out for a march across Paris – 31,000 according to independent estimates – timed when ministers met at a cabinet meeting to approve the substance and schedule for the reforms due to begin their passage through parliament next month, and which the government plans to set out in legislation before the summer recess.

New day of action over French pension reforms, turnout down

The union-led opposition to the French government’s planned pension reforms, which has notably seen transport services severely disrupted since early December, saw another day of widespread strike action and demonstrations on Thursday, although accoring to official figures turnout in the nationwide street protests was down on previous marches.  

French PM offers pension compromise in bid to end strike

Édouard Philippe said he was willing to withdraw a proposal which would raise age at which French workers can claim their pension from 62 to 64.

Nurses, teachers and lawyers join pension protests in France

Dozens of school close and rail services severely hit as demonstration enters 36th day and as talks over pension reforms are due to resume Friday.

French unions heading for showdown with Macron on pensions

As France returns from the Christmas break this week, the month-long strikes look set to get even more disruptiv.

Macron’s New Year address falls flat as pension row deepens

French president calls for ‘rapid compromise’ in attempt to end four-week-long protests but his address to the nation was dismissed as a 'declaration of war against millions of French people who reject his reforms'.

Macron to step into pension reforms fray on New Year's Eve

After weeks of union-led strikes and protests against government plans to reform France's pension system, and which have severely disrupted transport services, notably in the Greater Paris Region, French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to finally relieve his prime minister on the political frontline by announcing measures to break the deadlock during the traditional presidential New Year's Eve TV address on Tuesday.

French transport strike over pension reforms now longest since 1980s

The rolling strikes of French transport workers, and notably railways staff, which began in early December as part of national union-led protests against the government's plans to reform the pension system, on Friday became the longest since the winter of 1986 – and threaten to become the longest ever as talks are not set to resume until January 7th.