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French railways U-turn on cancelled unaccompanied children's trains

French railways operator SNCF has finally reopened Christmas chaperoned train services for unaccompanied minors which had been cancelled because of continuing strike action against proposed pension reforms, which was notably due to affect children from divorced couples living far apart.

Macron waives presidential pension amid standoff with unions

President Emmanuel Macron, 42, has announced that he will forgo his future head-of-state pension in an effort to be 'exemplary and coherent' amid the standoff with unions which reject his proposed universal pension reforms that would put an end to some relatively advantageous retirement rights.

Unions defend wildcat power cuts in pension reform battle

Official estimates said estimated 150,000 homes, as well as businesses, suffered power cuts during Tuesday's union-led national strikes and protests called against President emmanuel Macron's proposed pensions reform, a strategy that the leader of one of the largest unions defended on Wednesday because 'spitting on the public service can make some of us angry', adding that 'we may amplify these kinds of methods'.

French unions succeed in new show of force against pension reforms

A day of strikes and demonstrations led by trades unions on Tuesday against the French government's planned overhaul of the pensions system mobilised strong support, with unions claiming a nationwide turnout in street marches of 1.8 million people, while interior ministry figures estimated the total numbers at 615,000. 

As protests sweep France, another 'oversight' by fallen pension reform tsar

Jean-Paul Delevoye, who was forced to resign his post as France's High Commissioner for Pensions on Monday. © Reuters Jean-Paul Delevoye, who was forced to resign his post as France's High Commissioner for Pensions on Monday. © Reuters

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took part in nationwide union-led protests in France on Tuesday against the government’s proposed reform of the pension system, while strike action disrupted many sectors including transport, education institutions, postal services and power supplies. Meanwhile, the government suffered a severe blow in its showdown with the unions after the forced resignation on Monday of the man regarded as the architect of the reforms, the High Commissioner for Pensions Jean-Paul Delevoye, for having failed to register as required by law ten of his present or recent outside professional activities. Now Mediapart can reveal yet another: his membership until 2017 of the London-based Brazzaville Foundation, which is in effect a propaganda arm for the strongman president of the Republic of the Congo.

French unions dismiss pension changes and vow to continue strikes

Unions regard the proposed measures unveiled by French government on Wednesday as raising standard retirement age.

France braces for further strikes over pension changes

Transport chaos continues as French government stands firm in face of nationwide protests over planned reforms.

Macron holds talks with ministers on contested pension reform plan

With more strikes called for Tuesday by unions opposing his planned reform of France's pension system, President Emmanuel Macron met with ministers on Sunday to discuss details of the draft legislation to be unveiled by his prime minister on Wednesday.

The sectors at stake for unions in French pension reform battle

Demonstrators march in Marseille against planned pension reforms, December 5th. © LF Demonstrators march in Marseille against planned pension reforms, December 5th. © LF

President Emmanuel Macron’s planned reform of the French pension system has run into massive union-led opposition, with a crippling general strike of mostly public sector workers last Thursday, when transport systems were paralysed and an estimated one million people demonstrated nationwide. While some sectors, notably the railways, remained affected this weekend, another national day of action is called for Tuesday. Union officials have declared that nothing less than a total withdrawal of the reform plans can end the dispute, raising the possibility of rolling strikes throughout December. The showdown will depend in part on what support unions can maintain in the key sectors of transport, schools, energy and healthcare.

French trades union and 'Yellow Vests' protests continue over weekend

Demonstrations accompanying rolling strikes against pension reforms that began Thursday and the latest 'Yellow Vest' protests against social inequalities were held over the weekend across France, upping pressure on the government ahead of more walkouts and protests called for next week.

Strikes in France over pension reforms into second day, more planned

After a general strike on Thursday against planned pension reforms, which were accompanied by massive demonstrations across France, transport systems and education institutions were among the mostly public sectors that continued to be hit by walkouts on Friday, with more strike action called for the weekend and into next week.

France paralysed by general strike over pension reforms

France's trades unions claimed a nationwide turnout of 1.5 million people, estimated at 860,000 by the interior ministry, in marches and demonstrations that marked a general strike on Thursday by mostly public sector, but also private sector, workers in protest against planned reforms to the pension system, and which brought public transport to a virtual standstill.

France braced for massive national strike action beginning Thursday

French transport workers, joined by a large swathe of public employees from teachers to rubbish collectors, and also private-sector staff, are to hold a national strike beginning on Thursday against the govenment's planned reforms of the pension system, expected to be the largest walkout in more than two decades and which is likely to last several days or, in some branches, even weeks.

French workers, employers to pay more in pension reform

The changes will also gradually phase in the number of years workers have to contribute to their pensions, but increasing retirement age is ruled out.