French conservatives sack deputy leader over pension reform split

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Aurélien Pradié , deputy leader of France's Les Républicains party, which is supporting President Emmanuel Macron's draft lesgislation to raise the retirment age, now being debated in parliament, has been sacked over his public opposition to the bill.  

France signals flexibility in face of pension reform resistance

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Prime minister Élisabeth Borne told French radio that raising the age of retirement to  65 was "not set in stone".

French should work longer for full pension says government adviser

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Under plans, workers could still retire at 62 as promised by Macron in campaign, but they would have to work 2 years more to get full pension.

French workers to work an extra year to qualify for full pension

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From 2019, most employees in private sector will have to work until 63 to get full pension, but will get a bonus if they delay retirement until 64.

French PM backs down to socialist rebels over low-income pensioners

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Manuel Valls will save low-income pensioners from one-year freeze of benefits and pensions in his 50 billion-euro deficit reduction drive.

French economic reforms can’t go any faster, finance minister says

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Despite EU concerns, Pierre Moscovici insists pace of economic reform in France is already going 'at a very fast speed' and cannot be accelerated.

French pension reforms can weather poor growth, claims minister

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Health and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine insists new reforms, criticised by the Right as lacking boldness, are no stopgap measure.

French pensions: big problem, small reform

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PM Jean-Marc Ayrault has ruled out raising the minimum retirement age and left the door open to tax rises in order to trim the annual shortfall.

France mulls pension points system for those in physically gruelling jobs

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French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault suggests giving those in tough physical jobs a points-based credit system rather than pension based on years worked.

Expert panel call for tougher reforms of French pension system

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Government-commissioned report urges longer working years for full pension benefits and reduction of tax breaks for wealthier retirees.

EU urges France to revamp pensions, rein in spending

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In return for getting two more years to bring its budget deficit back in line France must start its reforms this year says European Commission.

The shameful plight of France's retired immigrant population


Amidst the heated debate over the French government’s plan to further reform the French pension system, a cross-party parliamentary committee will next month deliver its recommendations on remedying what one of its members describes as the “scandalous” plight of hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers who enter retirement with little rights and in conditions of dire poverty. Carine Fouteau reports on a shameful social issue that has hitherto been swept under the carpet by successive governments, and  hears from the committee’s rapporteur, Alexis Bachelay, what reforms he and his colleagues are due to propose in June.

Socialists seek new fix for French pensions - minister

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Socialist government says it will overhaul pension system again because former president Nicolas Sarkozy failed to ensure its long-term viability.