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Hollande calls emergency meeting after WikiLeaks US spy revelations

Move comes as documents show that US agents spied on Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, listening to their phone calls.

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Sarkozy’s ‘alias’ considers suing for identity theft

The real Paul Bismuth ponders legal action over use of his name as an alias by former president Nicolas Sarkozy to avoid phone taps.

French Justice Minister urged to quit over Sarkozy phone-tapping

But Christiane Taubira insists at press conference that she 'did not lie' about what she knew and says she will not resign from government.

Hollande government says knew of Sarkozy phone-tapping

PM Jean-Marc Ayrault says he and justice minister Christiane Taubira knew of phone-tapping on February 26, contrary to what she had said before.

Former French spy chief on trial in phone-tapping scandal

Bernard Squarcini says he was acting in national interest by tapping into the phone records of journalist Gérard Davet over Bettencourt story.