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'Spider Man' thief jailed for Paris museum artwork heist

A Paris court on Monday handed Vjeran Tomic, 49, nicknamed 'Spider Man' for his climbing exploits to steal valuable gems and works of art from Parisian apartments and museums, and two accomplices jail sentences of between six and eight years and a fine of 104 million euros over a 2010 theft from the Musée d’Art Moderne of a Matisse, a Picasso, a Braque, a Léger and a Modigliani, none of which have ever been found.

Verdict upheld for French couple who hid Picasso works in garage

The artist's former electrician Pierre Le Guennec and his wife were convicted last year of possessing stolen works and hiding them from heirs.

Authorities in France seize Picasso painting banned from leaving Spain

The painting 'Head of a Young Woman', worth €25m and owned by a banker, was seized from a boat docked at Corsica.

Stolen Picasso to be returned to France

La Coiffeuse, owned by French state and reported missing in 2001, was smuggled into the US from Belgium last December in a parcel.

France moves to protect Picasso legacy

Culture minister sacks museum boss as government hits back after claims by artist's son that France 'doesn't care' about Pablo Picasso.

Paris charity raffle offers Picasso for 100 euros

Money raised from the sale of 100-euro tickets in a raffle of L'Homme au Gibus will go towards helping renovate the Lebanese city of Tyre.

The worldwide treasure hunt behind the stunning Stein collection on show in Paris

 © Succession H. Matisse /SFMOMA. © Succession H. Matisse /SFMOMA.
The Grand Palais in Paris is hosting an exceptional exhibition of major modern artworks from the widely scattered collection of the celebrated Stein family of art patrons who settled in the French capital from the US in the early 20th century. The stunning show of works by Renoir, Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse (photo), Manguin and Bonnard - to name but a few - is the fruit of five years of dogged detective work by specialists in France and from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Joseph Confavreux talks to the team behind this unprecedented worldwide treasure hunt.