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How IMF boss Christine Lagarde lied to judges in Tapie affair

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When the head of the International Monetary Fund appeared before judges investigating the Tapie affair, she told them she had never read key memos from a state body that was advising her against the controversial arbitration that eventually paid out 404 million euros of taxpayers' money. But that is not what she told French MPs five years ago. Mediapart's Laurent Mauduit reports on how the former finance minister appears to have misled the criminal investigation.

Tapie-Lagarde affair enters new phase as arbitration judge is investigated for conspiracy to defraud

Bernard Tapie Bernard Tapie

One of the arbitration judges who oversaw the controversial 403 million-euro award to businessman Bernard Tapie has been placed under formal investigation for alleged “conspiracy to commit fraud”. As Mediapart's legal affairs expert Michel Deléan explains, this dramatic development shows that the long-running affair is rapidly gathering momentum.

Tapie-Lagarde affair: arbitration judge held for questioning

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Just days after IMF boss Christine Lagarde faced questioning over her role in the affair, the saga of the 403 million euro award made to colourful businessman Bernard Tapie has taken a new twist with the news that one of the arbitration judges who agreed the payout has been held for questioning. Tapie's lawyer is also being questioned in custody, as investigators probe allegations of a conflict of interest during the arbitration. Michel Deléan and Laurent Mauduit report on the latest developments.