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Revealed: the massive US industrial espionage against France

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The United States is conducting widespread economic and industrial espionage against France, including eavesdropping on at least two economy ministers, Mediapart can reveal, as part of its investigation carried out with Libération and WikiLeaks. The ministers concerned were François Baroin, who served under President Nicolas Sarkozy, and his socialist successor Pierre Moscovici, who is now a European Commissioner. But the top secret documents also show that the US National Security Agency has routinely spied not just on politicians and government officials but also French businesses seeking to win contracts abroad. The aim seems to have been to undermine the effectiveness and competitiveness of French companies competing for business on the world market. Fabrice Arfi, Lénaïg Bredoux, Martine Orange, Jérôme Hourdeaux and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange report on the latest disclosures.

French Socialists face crucial electoral test in runoff against Front National

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Victory in the Doubs by-election on French-Swiss border would be first parliamentary win for socialist government since it came to power in 2012.

Far right tops by-election in test of French opinion after terror attacks

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In blow to former President Sarkozy, his UMP candidate was knocked out in first round, leaving a run-off between the socialists and the far right.

EU preparing to reject France’s 2015 budget say officials

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Brussels may be willing to use new compliance rules to tell Paris to rewrite its 2015 budget, triggering a crisis.

France's Moscovici struggles to convince EU lawmakers

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MEPs gasped when ex-finance minister told commissioner confirmation hearing that Paris had never broken EU budget rules.

MEP cries foul at attempt to curb French commissioner's powers

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Leaked memo says former finance minister Pierre Moscovici's powers in EU Commission will be shared with Latvian hardliner.

Eurozone ministers upset by broken French budget promises

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Ministers from countries who have carried out major budget cuts said to be 'very unhappy' with French failure to meet deadlines.

The new French EU commissioner’s austerity 'bodyguards'

France — Analysis

France’s Pierre Moscovici has been named as the new European Union commissioner for economic and monetary affairs in Brussels. At first glance it appears a clear-cut triumph for President François Hollande who has installed his former finance minister in a key economic post at the heart of the EU despite German opposition. It is also a sign that the new European Commission president Claude Juncker wants to display his independence from German chancellor Angela Merkel. But as Ludovic Lamant reports, Juncker has also shaken up the Commission's structure and placed two economic hawks alongside the French commissioner. Some observers believe their main role is to stop the French “social democrat” being too soft on member countries struggling to cut their deficits – and in particular France.

France gets key economic post in new Juncker European Commission

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Former French finance minister Pierre Moscovici will take up the important economic and monetary affairs portfolio despite some German misgivings.

French socialist has 'good chance' of taking top EU economic and monetary post

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Diplomatic sources say former finance minister Pierre Moscovici is close to being appointed to Jean-Claude Juncker's new commission.

France names ex-finance minister Moscovici as EU commissioner candidate

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French officials make no secret of the fact they are angling for a major economic portfolio for the politician recently reshuffled out of government.

France sees Iran opportunity if sanctions are lifted - Moscovici

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Finance minister holds out prospect of renewing old economic ties as French business delegation travels to Iranian capital for meetings.

Minister hits back at Newsweek 'French bashing'

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Finance minister Pierre Moscovici says controversial article in the magazine entitled 'The Fall of France' is riddled with 'innumerable errors'.

Germany and France close on banking union deal

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France’s finance minister Pierre Moscovici says differences between Paris and Berlin are narrowing on agreement that will mean a 'real revolution'. 

EU adds voice to criticism of French reform pace

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Commission gives guarded blessing to 2014 budget but says French plans are only 'partly adequate' for getting grip on public finances.