Pierre Moscovici

France cuts fuel prices to boost economy

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Government has struck a deal with fuel suppliers to cut petrol and diesel prices by 6 euro cents a litre for the next three months.

Germany and France agree approach on closer European integration

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French and German finance ministries to launch a working group to make joint proposals on issues such as fiscal and banking union.

France Gears Up to Support Auto Industry

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On July 25 government will unveil plan to support the country's auto industry, including measures designed to boost spending on cars.

France to Cut Growth Forecasts

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The new government has warned it will cut its economic growth forecasts for this year and next, which could point to a need for greater austerity.

Debt crisis: France must find €10bn of savings

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The country must find up to €10bn of savings to bring its budget deficit under control this year, finance minister Pierre Moscovici has said.

France says determined to improve budget credibility

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New finance minister Pierre Moscovici says there has been a lack of credibility for France over the public deficit and adds: "We're being watched".