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Firefighting plane crashes in southern France, killing pilot

The pilot of a water-bombing plane died when his Grumman Tracker aircraft crashed during operations to contain numerous separate forest fires in southern France, some of which are believed to have been started by arsonists.

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Plane carrying Argentine football star Sala disappears over Channel

Emiliano Sala, 28, was travelling on Monday evening from Nantes, in north-west France, to join his new club, Premier League side Cardiff, when the single-engined Piper plane carrying him and two other people disappeared without trace from radar off the Channel Islands, close to the French coast. 

Ryanair plane impounded in France over unrefunded subsidies

A London-bound Ryanair plane with 149 passengers on board was seized by the French authorities at Bordeaux airport on Friday because the Irish low-cost airline had failed to repay more than 500,000 euros it had received in undue subsidies from local government, which it finally settled several hours later.

France closes probe into plane attack that sparked Rwanda genocide

An investigation into the deadly missile attack in 1994 on the aircraft carrying Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana, after which followed 100 days of slaughter of the Tutsi ethnic minority by members of Habyarimana's Hutu ethnic group, leaving an estimated 800,000 people dead, has been closed by French magistrates.

French investigators helping probe into mystery of flight MS804

France is participating in Egypt-led investigation as it is the country where the Airbus 320 was made and 15 people on board were French.

Air France crew spot more possible debris of lost Malaysian plane

The voluminous object was seen floating 70 kms from the French Indian Ocean island, where debris from vanished MH370 previously washed up.

Germanwings crash co-pilot 'set fast descent on earlier flight'

French crash report says Andreas Lubitz repeatedly set Spain-bound plane to drop to 100ft before slamming it into French Alps on return flight.

French-led military contingent secures Air Algérie crash site

There were no survivors from among the 116 people aboard the plane, 54 of them French, which crashed in desolate terrain in NE Mali.

Lightening strikes Hollande's jet en route to Germany

New French president lands for crucial talks with Angela Merkel 90 minutes late after lightning strike forced him back home to change planes.