Thousands march in Nantes in memory of dead music fan Steve Caniço

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The 24-year old died a year ago after disappearing during a police charge at a Fête de la Musique party in the city in west France.

Revealed: the vile racist exchanges of French police officers on WhatsApp

France — Investigation

Amid a mounting debate over accusations of systemic racism within France’s police force, this joint investigation by Mediapart and ARTE Radio reveals the vile exchanges between police officers on a WhatsApp chat group, in which they talk of “enemies of the white race” and of “niggers”, describe women as “whores”, Jews as “sons of bitches” who “govern the country”, and gay men as “poofs”. Camille Polloni reports on a case that came to light only due to the courage of one of their black colleagues and how, five months after his formal complaint, the men were still in their posts.

How George Floyd case has fuelled protest at similar death in France

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Protests around France continued on Thursday over alleged racist violence by police, prompted by a campaign by the family of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old man of Malian origin, for a full investigation into his death in police custody allegedly from asphyxiation, and the outrage over the death in the US of George Floyd, 46, an Afro-American who was suffocated by a police officer during his arrest in Minneapolis.   

Paris protest likens black man's death in custody to Floyd case

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The French government's spokeswoman called for calm on Wednesday after violent scenes at a demonstration by around 20,000 people on Tuesday evening against what they claim is a cover-up over the 2016 death of Adama Traoré, 24, who suffocated while he was pinned down by gendarmes during his arrest in July 2016, a case which the protesters likened to the killing in the US of George Floyd.

'Fake French police' gang charged with robbing spree during lockdown

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Four Iranian nationals were presented before French magistrates on Monday accused of impersonating police officers to search victims on the pretext of checking their movements under the current lockdown measures in France, when they allegedly stole cash and valuables estimated to be worth around 25,000 euros.

Civil rights groups raise concerns as French police drones roam free during lockdown


Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown on March 17th in France drones have become an increasingly familiar sight above public areas in France. They have been used by the authorities to fly over towns and cites, coastal areas and parks. But no one is sure if these drones are filming people and, if so, whether the images are being stored or cross-checked with police files. As Clément Le Foll and Clément Pouré report, civil liberties groups are increasingly worried about the situation.

France withdraws maiming police tear gas grenades

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French interior minister Christophe Castaner has announced that police are to no longer use an highly explosive tear gas grenade until now used in crowd-control situations, notably during the past 12 months of rolling 'yellow vest' demonstrations over social grievances, and which has been one of the arsenal of police weapons that have left many people with serious injuries and amputations.

Probe opened into video of Paris protestor beaten by police officer

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Prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation after videos filmed during a 'Yellow Vest' anti-government protest in the French capital on January 18th showed a man with a bloodied head being held down on his back by a helmeted officer, who then strikes him hard in the face.

'Five detained' in probe into Paris police HQ murders

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French media reports citing official sources said five people, including an imam, have been detained in connection with the murders of four staff at Paris police headquarters on October 3rd during a stabbing rampage by an IT worker at the site, Mickaël Harpon, which is being investigated by anti-terrorism police.

Macron pays tribute to police staff murdered by colleague

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Calling on France to mobilise against 'underground Islamism', President Emmanuel Macron led a ceremony on Tuesday in homage to four staff who were stabbed to death at Paris police headquarters last Thursday by one of their colleagues in an attack which investigators believe was motivated by his allegiance with Islamist extremists.

French interior minister under pressure after Paris knife attack

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A right-wing senator accused Christophe Castaner of failing in his duties and called for him to step down as a 'matter of national security'.

Anti-terror police take over probe into deadly Paris knife attack

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The decision to treat it as possible terrorist attack is said to have been taken following interviews with attacker's wife and several close associates.

Paris police employee stabs four to death in force HQ

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The 45-year-old IT assistant killed three police officers and an administrative worker before he was shot dead by an officer.

French police to face charges over 'yellow vest' protest injuries

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Public prosecutor Rémy Heitz said that after investigations into 174 incidents, police officers would be sent before the courts by end of the year.

Probe opened into yellow vest 'suicide' jibes at French police

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Paris prosecution services have opened an investigation into reported jibes aimed at police by anti-government ‘yellow vest’ protestors in Paris on Saturday in which they allegedly shouted ‘kill yourselves’ in a reference to a police union revelation last week that 28 officers have committed suicide since January 1st.