French police thwart possible terror plot

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Seven people in Strasbourg and Marseille have been arrested over what the French interior minister called a new potential attack.

French government makes concessions after latest police protest

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After National Assembly protest, ministers promise extra €250 million to fund police and a review of officers’ rights to defend themselves.

Deep French police malaise boils over with continuing street protests


Angry French police officers on Saturday held a sixth day of national demonstrations in protest over dilapidated and inadequate equipment, undermanning, recurrent attacks on officers, and what they describe as the leniency of sentencing judges, all in a context of the exceptional demands placed on them for anti-terrorism operations. The movement, which has wrongfooted the government and taken even police union officials by surprise, was prompted by a horrific petrol-bomb attack on several officers earlier this month in a Paris suburb. President François Hollande has now announced he will meet with representatives of the officers next week. As Loup Espargilière reports, the angry protests illustrate a deep disquiet across the ranks which has now become a political hot potato ahead of next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

French police protests grow in flash demonstrations around France

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French President François Hollande said Friday he will meet with police officers' representatives on Monday after dozens of street protests by officers increased around the country this week, sparked buy a horrific firebomb attack earlier this month on a police patrol car, demanding more personnel and material means amid the increased pressure of anti-terrorism operations.

French police protests against violent attacks continue

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Police officers angry at increasing attacks against them - the latest in the form of Molotov cocktails thrown into a patrol car, leaving a policewoman badly burned and her male colleague in a critical condition - have held fresh demonstrations in which they cprotested against under-staffing and inadequate equipment.

French police officer 'between life and death' after fire attack

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The 28-year-old male officer suffered serious burns and is in an induced coma following petrol bomb attack on surveillance van in Paris suburb.

French police injured in Molotov cocktail attack

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Four officers were hurt, two with serious burns, when a police surveillance van came under attack in broad daylight in Paris suburb.

French police and migrants clash in Calais

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Confrontation came after 200 migrants and some 50 protesters assembled to protest against living conditions in the nearby 'Jungle' camp.

Belgian police arrested in France with vanload of migrants

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The Belgian ambassador to France was on Thursday summoned to explain why the two arrested police officers had crossed the border with 13 migrants in their vehicle.

Man shot dead after attacking police officer and nurse in Paris suburb

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The attack in the suburb of Vincennes was the second assault on a police officer in just three days in France.

Muslim woman intercepted by police on Nice beach sparks controversy

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Photos of a Muslim woman surrounded by police and stripping off her shawl have prompted protests from French Council of the Muslim Faith.

Armed French police start cross-Channel ferry patrols

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French police spokesman said a 'permanent unit' had been deployed since Monday to carry out high-visibility patrols on passenger ferries.

The challenges of EU mission to train Palestinian police

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For the past ten years, a European Union-funded mission in the West Bank is training the Palestinian police in modern policing methods. With police instructors from EU member states, the EUPOL COPPS mission is aimed at building an effective police force ahead of the possible creation of a Palestinian state. But the challenges are vast, and the programme’s future is uncertain. Mediapart correspondent Chloé Demoulin reports from the West Bank mission, beginning with the unusual scene of a lesson by French riot police on how to disperse a peaceful sit-in.

French PM says opposition using Nice attack to 'destabilise' government

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Manuel Valls accused conservative opposition of mounting campaign over police numbers on night of Bastille Day attack for 'purely political' reasons.

French beach police to be armed this summer

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Decision to arm 100 of around 300 officers who patrol beaches follows the shooting of two police officers in suburb of Paris earlier this month.