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Macron to address nation on Monday in bid to calm social unrest

French President Emmanuel Macron will make a televised address on Monday evening when he is expected to announce new measures, drawn from the results of more than two months of nationwide debates and consultations of citizens' demands, aimed at defusing the social unrest led by the so-called 'yellow vest' movement.

France election: what does centrist Emmanuel Macron stand for?

Former banker, civil servant and economy minister unveils his policies as he emerges as surprise frontrunner to win presidential election.

What would happen in a region run by France's far-right

The anti-immigration Front National hopes to win three regions in voting this weekend, and plans changes to please grassroots supporters if it does.

France 'still waiting for Hollande'

François Hollande inherited an economic crisis but brought a political one on himself, writes Mathew Kaminski in The Wall Street Journal.

Hollande readies to bite back in TV interview

President François Hollande will appear on television Sunday to present his policy agenda, eager to stem slumping ratings and image of inertia.

Is François Hollande changing suit from Mr Normal to Mr Neoliberal?

Philippe Marlière, professor of French and European politics at University College, London, analyses contradictions in French President's policies.

François Hollande and his balancing act for the French presidency

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With 100 days to go before the first round of the French presidential elections, Socialist Party candidate François Hollande (pictured) is still baffling observers and rivals alike. In the wings for over a year now, Hollande has pulled off a tour de force by imposing his slow tempo on the political debate, displaying a singular virtuosity in the art of fuzziness. Stéphane Alliès takes a closer look at the strategy of the man who hopes to become France's first socialist president since 1995.