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Macron reveals hand in off-the-cuff comments on welfare spending

A brief video circulating on social media shows French President Emmanuel Macron talking about welfare spending to his aides within the Elysée Palace, telling them that 'we put too much dosh' into benefits and yet those 'born poor stay poor', arguing that people must be 'made responsible', and that healthcare policy should be more active in preventing the causes of the need for treatment.

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France clampdown on migrants as Macron fails on homeless target

French President Emmanuel Macron said in July he wanted emergency shelters 'everywhere' for homeless migrants by the year's end, but while failing that target, with thousands continuing to sleep rough in cities and woodlands, the government is now focussing on tougher measures to expel migrants and also to prevent them entering the country from Africa.

Rivals snub Sarkozy policy speech

Conservative presidential election rivals did not attend the opposition party leader's keynote speech at the end of weekend policy meeting.

The grim existence of France's unwanted Roma

An estimated 20,000 Roma live, in mostly precarious conditions, in France, which has arguably the toughest policy towards them among EU states.

Roma have become 'France's wandering scapegoats'

The plight of migrant Roma squatters, harshly scapegoated and ostracized, is only getting worse in France, warns a New York Times editorial.

French PM pledges 'deep reform' of tax system

Embattled Jean-Marc Ayrault, while not promising tax cuts, launches a plan of national consultations to improve the just application of taxes.

Hollande gambling on election defeat for Merkel as French influence fades

Relations have plunged to a new low after François Hollande's party openly criticised Merkel's self-serving approach to euro crisis.