The 'new wave' Bleus of the Mbappé generation


The French national football team, les Bleus, lost to Argentina in the World Cup final in Qatar on Sunday, in a thrilling game that ended in breathless manner. But while the young squad may have the blues at losing their bid for world football's ultimate crown, the new "Mbappé generation" have already surpassed their elders in the matter of popping the apolitical bubble surrounding French football, and in challenging its conservative governing federation. Ilyes Ramdani reports.  

Scandals cloud Macron government's bill to clean up politics

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Justice minister François Bayrou presented a cabinet meeting on Wednesday with his bill of law to introduce greater probity in political life, just as he and his centrist party is caught up in an allegations of fraud over the misuse of European Parliament funds, and another minister battles accusations of favouritism in past business activities.  

Ex-French female ministers in joint denunciation of sexual harassment

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The 17 women published a tribune slamming existence of sexual assaults and harassment in politics and calling for parties to shame culprits and help victims.

French socialists' struggle for direction

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As far-right National Front party surges in polls for December local elections, French politics are relentlessly driven from the Right, argues NYT.

Nicolas Sarkozy announces his return to active politics

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Former French president used Facebook to declare his bid to become head of the opposition UMP party, ahead of presidential elections in 2017.

'Spaniards at peak of French power'

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The ascensions of French PM Manuel Valls and newly elected Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, both Spanish-born, are celebrated in the Spanish media.

New French centrist alliance aims for foothold in European parliament

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The pro-EU centre-right alliance, which is to be called the Alternative, hopes to capitalise on frustration with President François Hollande.

French documentary shows Sarkozys at home and unguarded

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In a candid documentary filmed during his last, failed campaign, the former French president appears to rule out a political comeback.

Morosity gains rural France amid political scandals and economic crisis

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In French rural heartlands, the Jérôme Cahuzac scandal and the growing economic crisis has deepened disillusionment and anger at political class.

President Hollande's bold bid to clean up French politics

France — Analysis

President François Hollande has announced tough new measures to help 'clean up' public life in France following the Cahuzac affair. There will be a new body to oversee politicians' financial assets, more staff to tackle tax fraud and a promised war on international tax havens. However, as Lénaïg Bredoux reports, the proposals have been met not just with predictable disapproval from the opposition, but with dismay from some sections of his own Socialist Party too.

Urgently wanted: new political leaders to rebuild Mali

International — Analysis

As Mali begins its slow process of reconstruction, the country's political elites are already preparing for a presidential election in July. Western observers say this election is an essential step in Mali's attempts to find stability. But, as Thomas Cantaloube reports from the capital Bamako, those same observers also fear that the elections will come too soon for the new and younger breed of emerging politicians that the country so desperately needs. And that the old self-serving elites may find themselves back in power.

Sarkozy raises prospect of again running for presidency

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Former president Nicolas Sarkozy says he may be forced by 'serious events' to run for president once again in 2017, 'for the sake of France'.

Former French minister says: Wear lipstick and you lose credibility

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Rachida Dati, who wants to be mayor of Paris, says she is nothing like her pin-up image and claims powerful women are given a hard time in France.

French opposition takes step towards healing rift

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After a month of bitter recriminations the two rivals for presidency of right-wing UMP appear to agree on a fresh leadership vote in September.

Feminist groups call for a revolution of 'égalité' in macho French politics

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While French politics continues to be a man's world, the pressure mounts on presidential candidates to take a clear initiative to introduce parity.