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Confidence in French government's handling of Covid-19 falls sharply

Some 48 percent of those polled say they have confidence in the government to take efficient measures to end the coronavirus epidemic, a drop of 10 points compared to last week.

Poll finds Macron 'most popular' French politician

As campaigning for next year's presidential elections approaches, an opinion survey finds centrist former economy minister Emmanuel Macron is most popular of French politicians, ahead of conservative presidential candidate François Fillon.

Poll finds nearly 30 percent of French Muslims reject secular laws

The Ifop study found 29 percent of those polled said sharia legal and moral code was more important than secular France's laws, while 60 percent wanted to see headscarf ban on girl students lifted. 

French do not want Hollande-Sarkozy re-match in 2017, poll says

Some 74 percent of those surveyed do not want re-run of 2012 presidential election when socialist leader beat former conservative president.

Nine out of 10 French support stripping dual nationals of citizenship

Some 86% of public back constitutional change to allow French citizenship to be taken from bi-nationals if convicted of terrorist offences.

Poll dampens far-right hopes in regional election final round

Poll suggests Front National leader Marine Le Pen and niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen could both lose in regions they scored highly in on Sunday.

Greek premier Tsipras divides the French, poll shows

Public opinion split evenly over role of Greece's prime minister but majority of French back right of Greeks to have referendum on bailout terms.

Poll finds 'no backlash' in France against Muslims after January attacks

The Pew Research Center survey result is in stark contrast to the recorded doubling of acts against Muslims in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

French public back military intervention in Syria

In BVA poll 55 percent said they would support French action in Syria compared to 64 percent who were against it in 2013.

French poll finds minority in favour of Paris Olympic Games bid

Staging the World's Fair was the preferred project over the likely Paris bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Eurozone production growth eases, France and Greece hit dip

Financial information company Markit said its latest poll showed France and Greece saw accelerating rates of decline at start of second quarter.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen heads French presidential poll

Survey suggests president of Front National would win first round of voting if election were held today - but lose in second round.

French voters like Merkel, back German reform example

Poll says 72 percent hold favourable opinions of German chancellor, way above President Hollande's ratings which have sunk as low as 12 percent.

All EU countries want Britain to stay - except France

Just over half of French people polled want Britain to quit EU, with only 42 percent believing Brussels should take London's concerns into account.

Poll shows France's Marine Le Pen would top presidential election

Survey suggests Front National boss would win first round vote and trounce President Hollande in second round run-off - but not other rivals.