French president's poll rating hits new record-low of 13 percent

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Survey by TNS-Sofres shows support for François Hollande is at lowest level ever registered by the pollster for a sitting president.

Survey finds most French admit knowing little about wine

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Only 3% of those polled said they were well-versed in wine culture, while 71% said they were not and 43% said they knew nothing at all.

The joy and gloom of French, German and British bosses

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A poll of executives in the three countries show confidence in the German economy, doubts over that in Britain, and pessimism for France.

French president Hollande's popularity at new low in Ifop poll

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The approval rating for the French head of state fell to a new low of 20 percent, the worst for a French president since the poll started in 1958.

Hollande's popularity hits new low of 15%

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After falling to a record low of 26 percent in October, approval for French president has collapsed even further according to latest poll.

Support for Hollande at all-time low in opinion poll

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François Hollande is the most unpopular French president on 32-year-old records of the BVA opinion poll company, with a 26% approval rating.

Poll confirms the French are pessimistic about the future

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Survey by Ifop shows 68 percent of the population are pessimistic about their future, despite the arrival of the new socialist government.