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Emmanuel Macron's popularity slumps again

Poll shows the new French president’s ‘dissatisfaction rating’ among voters has risen to 57%, up from 43% in July.

Opinion poll gives Macron party boost for legislative elections

Latest opinion survey shows newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron's fledgling centrist movement Republic on the Move, along with its centre-right allies, is gaining public voting intentions for June's parliamentary elections when it will stand its first electoral test.

France's Macron sees election lead narrow after TV debate

Poll gives independent candidate 23.5% of the vote, his lowest score in a month, and equal with far-right's Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen tightens gap with French presidential election rivals: poll

Far-right Front National presidential election candidate Marine Le Pen has increased her lead over rivals in the first-round of voting, and narrowed her trailing position for the final second round playoff, according to a poll of voting intentions published on Monday.

Scandal-hit Fillon eclipsed by rivals in latest presidential poll

Poll shows rising support for far-right leader Marine Le Pen but centrist Emmanuel Macron is given as most likely to win the presidency.

French newspaper abandons opinion polls in run-up to election

Le Parisien shifts focus from what it calls ‘horse race’ journalism to on-the-ground reporting ahead of 2017 presidential vote.

Sarkozy claims 'common values' with far-right claims ex-aide

In 'explosive' book, former advisor says ex-president asked him to meet Front National's Jean-Marie Le Pen in name of those 'common values'.

Sarkozy gains ground in wake of terror attacks

Though not officially a candidate, former French president has been gaining ground against main rival for Right’s presidential nomination.

French Left risks being 'atomized' as Hollande ratings drop

Polls show French president's recent high-profile TV appearance failed to convince voters and Left looks set to falter against Right and far-right. 

Poll shows Sarkozy would lose in first round of presidential election

Ifop survey says Sarkozy's rival on Right Alain Juppé would however go through to second round - and face far-right's Marine Le Pen.

French far-right sees popularity rise after Paris attacks

Front National's Marion Maréchal Le Pen ahead in polls in PACA region in southern France ahead of December's regional elections.

Unpopular Hollande gets modest poll boost after Paris attacks

French president’s approval rating up by seven to eight points in various polls, while prime minister Manuel Valls also gets popularity boost.

Sarkozy's ex-advisor under investigation for 'pointless' opinion polls

Patrick Buisson faces claims that his firm pocketed more than 10 million euros for conducting opinion polls serving no public interest.

Attacks boost Hollande's ratings - but for how long?

An analysis of the French president's recent surge in popularity and the likelihood of whether it will last ahead of a key press conference.

France’s unpopular Hollande launches 2015 charm offensive

President went on radio to discuss the economy, conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the rise of the far right and efforts to curb global warming.