French Senate approves controversial anti-terrorism powers bill

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Proposed legislation by France's new government to enshrine into regular law certain far-reaching powers allowed under the current state of emergency has passed its first parliamentary test after the Senate approved the bill by a two-thirds majority, meaning it will now go before the lower house, the National Assembly, where the government has a large majority, in October.

France extends state of emergency for further three months

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French parliament approved a second extension of the powers, introduced after the November 13th Paris terrorist attacks, until May 26th.

UN and French rights commission condemn state of emergency 'abuses'


French President François Hollande on Wednesday told French parliament leaders that he will seek a third extension of state of emergency powers introduced immediately after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris which left 130 people dead. The announcement followed two separate and fiercely critical reports published this week, one by the government’s own official consultative committee on human rights which denounced "abuses" and the "devastating damage" of the special powers the government has granted itself, and another by a panel of United Nations rights experts who said the measure had created “excessive and disproportionate restrictions”. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports.

French PM presses on with plan to enshrine emergency powers in constitution

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The move would bar legal challenges to search and detention powers and the stripping of French citizenship from dual nationals convicted of terrorism.

Renault-Nissan peace deal dilutes French state's power

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Renault's board approves capping French state's increased weight in shareholder votes and to abandon Renault's right to control Nissan strategy.

The powers of France's 'super' regions

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French regions are in charge of economic development, tourism, business development, professional training and oversee public transport.