Nicolas Sarkozy's impending return piles pressure on François Hollande

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Friends of ex-president say he is about to announce bid for leadership of UMP opposition party to pave way for 2017 presidential elections.

Former French conservative PM Juppé announces presidential bid

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The move by Alain Juppé, 69, has upstaged an expected imminent similar bid by Nicolas Sarkozy to run as the UMP party's 2017 candidate.

Spotlight on ex-first lady Bruni as France's Sarkozy eyes comeback

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Political watchers and brand analysts say 46-year-old singer and former model Carla Bruni is still the perfect foil to the ex-president.

François Hollande’s affair: scandal reveals a changing France

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Exposé of the French president's alleged affair with actress marks a departure from the country's previous nonchalance over such matters.

Faltering Hollande 'reaping what he did not sow'


French President François Hollande has seen his popularity plummet over recent months, and not only because of the enduring economic and social hardships of the financial crisis; his government’s policies have come under attack as muddled and ill-thought out, and its recent U-turns highlight a perceived lack of clear and coherent political vision. For some of his critics, Hollande is paying the price of his longstanding reticence to develop policies in close consultation with expert academic researchers and thinkers. “Hollande as president reaps what he did not sow when he was First Secretary of the Socialist Party,” commented one academic. Lénaïg Bredoux and Joseph Confavreux report on how Hollande's approach to policy making, in stark contrast to some of his allies, has favoured pragmatism over intellectual theorizing.

The modest move towards independence for France's state broadcasters

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The power of French presidents to nominate the heads of the country’s state-funded television channels and radio stations is to be removed under new legislation aimed at guaranteeing the independence of France’s publicly-owned broadcast media. But while the new law, expected to be approved by parliament and enacted before the end of the year, does away with the excesses of political interference introduced under the previous presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, it is hardly the clean sweep that the government proclaims. Dan Israel outlines the bill’s proposals and weighs the arguments for and against.  

The Hollande presidency – why it isn't working

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One year on, and the Hollande presidency is widely regarded as having almost completely failed. Right through the corridors of power the same question is being asked: why isn't it working? In a bid to find the answer, Mediapart provides a guided tour of each of the separate institutions that makes up the socialist administration which took office on 15th May 2012. Lénaïg Bredoux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report.

France’s UMP in turmoil over Fillon’s presidential ambitions

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Sarkozy's former prime minister tells journalists 'I'll be a candidate no matter what' in opposition contest to be chosen for 2017 presidential election.

Sarkozy may ‘run for presidency in 2017’

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The ex-president, still smarting from his defeat in the 2012, may run for office again in 2017, according to former minister Alain Juppé.

Busy agenda for François Hollande's first day in office

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François Hollande has been sworn in as president of France, becoming the first Socialist leader in 17 years to occupy the Elysee Palace.