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Macron tightens his grip with change of prime minister

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The composition of a new French government was announced on Monday evening, following the appointment on Friday of a largely unknown senior civil servant and longstanding conservative, Jean Castex, as France’s new prime minister. He replaced Édouard Philippe, who served in the post since Emmanuel Macron’s election in 2017.  Mediapart political correspondent Ellen Salvi dresses here a portrait of the new prime minister, and chronicles the tensions that led to the departure of Philippe.

Macron appoints Jean Castex as France's new prime minister

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After serving three years in office, beginning with the election of President Emmanuel Macron, and days after his re-election as mayor in his political fiefdom of Le Havre, France's prime minister Édouard Philippe has been replaced by Jean Castex, 55, a high-ranking civil servant and conservative, largely unknown to the public, and who will lead a reshuffled government on what the Élysée Palace announced would be a 'new path'. 

Conservative renegade appointed French prime minister

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French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed Edouard Philippe, until now the conservative mayor of Le Havre and MP, as his prime minister in a move regarded as an attempt to attract a slice of the conservative electorate in parliamentary elmections in June.

Kosovo ex-PM arrested in France on Serbian warrant

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Serbia considers Ramush Haradinaj a war criminal for his role in leading guerrilla insurgency in Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008.

France’s new PM Cazeneuve vows to 'protect French people'

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In first speech to Parliament the new prime minister also directly attacked policy plans of conservative presidential candidate François Fillon.

Bernard Cazeneuve named new French prime minister

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Formerly interior minister, Cazeneuve, 53, takes over as prime minister from Manuel Valls who on Monday resigned in order to launch his bid to become socialist candidate in presidential elections next spring.

France bids farewell to 'great and good' ex-PM Rocard

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At Paris ceremony President Hollande praised Rocard, premier for 3 years from 1988, as a 'brilliant intellectual' and 'citizen in awe of the world'. 

French prime minister wins vote of confidence

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Manuel Valls won parliament's vote of confidence in his new reshuffled government by a majority of 25, with 269 votes for and 244 against.

France's Valls wins parliament backing for tax and spend shake-up

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Premier Manuel Valls says Euro is too strong, unveils tax cuts for less well-off and pledges to defend France's social model despite spending cuts.

Manuel Valls appointed new French prime minister

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Valls, 51, is the Socialists’ hardliner on immigration and security and has held controversial stances while serving as interior minister.

French PM Ayrault resigns, interior minister Valls expected to succeed him

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After the ruling socialists' debacle in local elections, Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned Monday ahead of President Hollande's evening TV address.

Death of Pierre Mauroy – the conscience of French socialism

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Pierre Mauroy, who has died aged 84 after battling lung cancer, became in 1981 the first socialist prime minister under France's Fifth Republic. For many the man with working class roots from the north of the country epitomised both a deeply-felt and a pragmatic form of socialism. Mediapart's Antoine Perraud assesses the life of a politician who oversaw radical reforms in one of the most eventful periods of modern French politics.

Former French PM Pierre Mauroy dies at age 84

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Mauroy, who was premier from 1981 to 1984 under president François Mitterrand, was the first socialist prime minister of France's 5th Republic.

Ayrault backtracks after offering 35-hour working week debate

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The French prime minister is forced into an embarrassing climbdown after suggesting a possible change to the country's historic 35-hour work week.

Jean-Marc Ayrault appointed French prime minister

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French President François Hollande has appointed Jean-Marc Ayrault as prime minister of an interim government ahead of legislative elections in June.