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Chinese prostitutes denounce Paris police 'intimidation' and 'humiliation'


Paris police in May began a heavy-handed crackdown on the growing numbers of Chinese prostitutes working the streets of Belleville, a multi-ethnic, working-class neighbourhood in the north of the capital. The local authorities say the operation was to prevent Belleville from becoming the city’s centre of “open air prostitution”, but the sex workers complain of violent and humiliating behaviour by police officers that has left them exposed to greater dangers. Julien Sartre reports.

French lower house approves bill of law to punish prostitutes' clients

The National Assembly approved the legislation to punish sex clients while removing punishment for soliciting, but it will now return to Senate.

French Senate overturns bill to punish prostitutes’ clients

Under new proposal - which has to be approved by MPs - prostitutes would continue to face fines and jail but customers would not be prosecuted.

France’s Hotel Carlton pimping trial hears about lives of Lille prostitutes

The women, some of whom had been abused as children, were passed around men in hotel rooms, apartments and as 'dessert' at business lunches.

Strauss-Kahn Washington 'gang rape' probe launched

A French prosecutor has ordered a preliminaryl enquiry into claims that ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was involved in "gang rape" in Washington.