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French journalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists in Paris

David Perrotin, who writes for news site BuzzFeed, was placed under protection after attack by around 12 masked men with batons.

French police gain concessions after protest over officer shooting

Thousands of police officers staged a noisy protest outside justice ministry over what they perceive as its too lenient policies towards criminals.

Thousands of Kurds demonstrate in Paris over Ankara bombings

The protesters in central Paris accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as responsible for the bomb blasts that killed at least 95 people.

French farmers converge on Paris in prices protest

Though tractors blocked major arteries into the capital, officials say they caused little disruption as farmers protested over prices.

Road blocks ease but French farmers vow to continue with protest

The blockade of France's second-largest city Lyon has ended, but union leaders threatened more protest action over low earnings in coming days.

Anti-Uber protests turn violent in France

Cars are burned and tyres slashed as angry French taxi drivers block transport hubs in protest against the mobile-based service.

French cabbies barricade Paris roads in Uber protest

Access to three terminals at Paris's busy Charles de Gaulle airport was blocked as angry taxi drivers protested over unfair competition.

Tech firms threaten to leave France over mass surveillance moves

Seven companies, including web-hosting and technology firms OVH, IDS and Gandi, said 'real-time capture of data' will force them into exile.

French medics demonstrate against reform in biggest protest in decades

The Paris march was against a bill of law by which doctors consultation fees are paid in arrears by health fund, instead of upfront by patients.

Police move to clear French dam protest site after council changes plan

After local councillors voted to reduce scale of controversial Sivens dam, interior minister ordered police to remove remaining protestors.

French 'losing taste for force-fed foie gras'

An opinion poll for a French animal rights group found almost half of those questioned support a ban on the force-feeding of geese and ducks.

Angry French bosses take to the streets of Paris

Around 4,000 employers marched in the capital as well as in Marseille and Toulouse, calling for the deregulation of France’s economy.

Farmers far from sheepish in Eiffel Tower wolf protest

Farmers calling for a cull of wolves reintroduced to the French countryside staged a lively protest with flocks of sheep in central Paris.

'Eat French' say fed-up farmers in country-wide protests

Farmers fear that falling prices linked to Russia's import embargo and big harvests in the European Union this summer will cut incomes.

French dam protest death: gendarmes used 400 grenades in one night

Caisses de grenades pour la plupart lacrymogènes récupérées par les Zadistes de Notre-Dame-des Landes. © DR Caisses de grenades pour la plupart lacrymogènes récupérées par les Zadistes de Notre-Dame-des Landes. © DR

More questions are being raised about the deployment and actions of gendarmes during the eco-protest in which 21-year-old botany student Rémi Fraisse was killed in south-west France in the early hours of October 26th. Mediapart can reveal that during that night officers threw or fired around 400 grenades at opponents of the Sivens dam project. It has also emerged that despite an earlier agreement with protesters that policing of the planned demonstration would be low-key, officers were later ordered by the local state prefect to show “extreme firmness”. Meanwhile both opponents of the dam project and security experts have questioned why officers were told to engage the protesters at all, given there was nothing to defend at the rural site and that all the preliminary clearing work had been completed. And a new witness has come forward casting doubt on some of the official accounts of the gendarmes' action in the lead up to Rémi Fraisse's death. Louise Fessard reports.