Protest against new airport for west of France turns violent

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Six riot police officers were injured trying to disperse protesters who lobbed projectiles and threw paint onto Nantes' city hall.

Protesting taxi drivers block Paris traffic

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Taxi drivers protesting against competition from chauffered cars mounted road blocks that caused widespread havoc in and around the capital.

Tens of thousands march in Paris to back traditional family

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Protesters accuse President Hollande's government of 'family phobia' over gay marriage, abortion and 'gender' lessons in French schools.

Thousands march through Paris in anti-government protest

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Police said the 'Day of Anger' protest, mounted by a group of right-wing organizations, drew 17,000 while organisers claimed 120,000 turned out.

José Bové joins West Sussex villagers in anti-fracking protest

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The French alter-globalization militant, MEP and high-profile campaigner against GM crops, joined the rally at a fracking site in southern England.

Thousands protest in Paris against move to ease access to abortion

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Anti-abortion protestors claimed 40,000 rallied against a bill of law that will remove a mother's 'situation of distress' as a condition for aborting.

French taxis cause traffic chaos in protest over taxes and competition

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French taxi drivers on Monday staged nationwide go-slow operations in protest over a hike in VAT and growing competition from minicabs.

Riding stables mount Paris protest against VAT rise

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Thousands of owners and supporters of horse-riding schools invaded streets of Paris in protest over an imminent 13% hike in VAT charges.

Stitched-up: striking Paris hotel chambre maids mount catwalk protest

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When the Paris Fashion Week opened this week to the usual glitzy catwalk shows of next year’s haute couture spring and summer designs for the happy few, just a mile away from the venue an unhappy group of sub-contracted workers serving the luxury Park Hyatt hotel held a counter ‘sidewalk show’ of their own, in a protest over pay and “deplorable” working conditions. On part-time contracts that they claim in reality bordered full-time working hours, they began an unlimited strike on September 20th to demand overtime payment, full-time working contracts and a yearly bonus payment. In this reportage of still photos, video and audio, photographer Patrick Artinian captured the anything-but-dull défilé outside the embarrassed hotel on the chic rue de la Paix.

French march against pension reform

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No major disruptions were reported as tens of thousands took to the streets over reforms some unions have denounced as 'anti-youth'.

French unions march in protests against pension reform

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Hardline unions denounce changes they say will penalize workers and make youths pay an unfair share of the burden.

Protesting French farmers vow to break 100,000 eggs per day

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Poultry farmers protesting the sale of their eggs at a loss continue high-profile actions with a 100,000 egg spill outside a Brittany tax office.

Feathers fly in France over ‘auto-entrepreneurs’

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Ministers at odds with self-employed who style themselves 'chicks', having fallen out with internet start-up community known as 'the pigeons'. 

Malians in Gao protest against French 'bias'

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The protesters, angry at being excluded from peace talks, say Paris is colluding in the continuing Tuareg occupation of the regional capital Kidal.

France’s anti-gay marriage movement eyes future fights

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After Sunday’s last-ditch demonstration against a law legalising same-sex marriage, protest organisers already have their sights set on future battles.