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Over U.S. objections, Hopi tribal masks sold in France

French court rejected arguments by Hopi tribe that items should not be sold because they are “sacred figures” of their ancestors, not art.

Outrage sweeps French slopes as British ski instructor faces year in jail

Scores of angry Britons on skiing holiday in the Alps stage demonstration outside a French police station to protest against instructor's arrest.

French gay marriage opponents stage protest

Ten of thousands opposed to plans allowing same-sex marriage have protested in Paris even though measure is virtually certain to become law. 

US pensioner climbs crane in France over granddaughter visiting rights

The 70 year-old climbed a 30-metre crane in southern France to demand a court enforces visiting rights allegedly refused by the girl's mother

France pledges marriage equality despite protests

Justice minister says the referendum on same-sex marriage demanded by many opponents would be unconstitutional and says bill will go ahead.

Protestors against gay marriage mass at Eiffel Tower

Several hundred thousand people marched in Paris to protest against French president's plan to legalize gay marriage and adoption by June.

Dozens storm Vatican embassy in protest over homeless immigrants

Protestors briefly occupy the Vatican embassy in Paris in support of a group of homeless, hunger-striking illegal immigrants demanding legal status.

Protestors attack French embassy in Central African Republic

France ups security for its citizens in the Central African Republic after its embassy was stoned by crowd demanding it help quash a rebellion.

French court orders eviction of anti-Nantes airport protesters

Officials given green light to tear down illegal squats on land due to become new airport but activists say court order means nothing.

Socialists face dogfight with Greens over France's 'Great West' airport

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A long-simmering protest movement against a project to build a new airport close to the town of Nantes, in western France, has over recent weeks grown into a major political battle that now threatens a rupture in the already strained relations between the ruling Socialist Party and its Green party allies, the EELV. Thousands of demonstrators – 13,000 according to the police, 40,000 according to the protestors – turned out at the weekend (pictured), supported by the EELV, to re-occupy the zone designated for the construction of Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport in a rural area close to Nantes, and which the largely socialist-led local authorities argue is a key element in the future development of the economy in north-west France. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Thousands march in France against same-sex marriage bill

Protests over “major and dangerous upheaval” government bill that would extend marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples.

‘Pigeon’ entrepreneurs take Hollande French tax protest to web

Owners of startups form a group dubbed “Les Pigeons” - French slang for "suckers" - claiming they are the fall guys for France’s economic woes.

Thousands in Paris denounce EU 'austerity' pact

Protesters marched in rally organisers say was aimed at fighting EU-imposed austerity, not criticising the government of President Francois Hollande.

Violent protest against Dominique Strauss-Kahn at Cambridge university address

Cambridge university students fought with police in a protest against an address by Dominique Strauss-Kahn to the Cambridge Union Society on Friday.

'Fed up and ready to change jobs': how French teachers see the crisis in education

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About 130,000 teachers took to streets in towns and cities across France last week for a day of strike and protest at 14,000 job cuts in the state education system announced for 2012. The planned cuts will bring the number of teaching jobs axed under President Nicolas Sarkozy's five-year mandate to 80,000. Meanwhile, the numbers of pupils each year entering schools nationwide are increasing. Cécile Alibert and Noemie Rousseau joined the demonstration in Paris last week to interview teachers about their individual experiences and complaints.