Day of strikes and marches over pay ups pressure on Macron

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A union-led, nationwide day of strike action and street protests on Tuesday to push demands for better pay in face of rampant inflation drew a turnout of around 300,000 according to organisers - almost 120,000 according to the interior ministry -, including transport workers, teachers and postal staff, as developing social unrest over the cost-of-living crisis proves to be the first major challenge for Emmanuel Macron's second term in office. 

French health workers protest over pay and staff shortages

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French health workers have held a day of protest to demand better pay and increased resources, including higher staff numbers, as fears grow over the capacity of hospitals around the country, and notably A&E units, to cope with patient demand this summer.

Anti-French protests in West Africa spill over into Chad

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Anti-French sentiment is gaining ground across a number of West African countries, where the presence of the former colonial power, engaged in fighting armed jihadist insurgents across the Sahel, is challenged by growing Russian influence and popular anger against its history of support for strongman regimes. Protests against France’s military presence in the region have now spilled over into Chad, France’s key African ally, governed by a junta, where last month French nationals were targeted in the capital N’Djamena and petrol stations belonging to oil giant Total were ransacked. Rémi Carayol reports.

Dozens arrested as Paris police halt 'convoy' protest over Covid rules

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More than 50 people were arrested and several hundred fined as a so-called 'freedom convoy' of vehicles reached Paris in protest over France's Covid-19 vaccine pass requirements for access to a number of public venues.

French bakers slam supermarket chain over its price-cutting baguettes

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A decision by the nationwide Leclerc supermarket chain to sell baguettes priced at just 29 euro cents has infuriated bread-making professionals who, in a joint statement by bakers, farmers and millers, said the move 'destroys values' and went against attempts to 'pay farmers fairly'. 

Macron condemns 'crimes' against 1961 Algerian protests in Paris

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Macron told relatives and activists on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the bloodshed that "crimes" were committed on the night of 17 October, 1961, under the command of Paris police chief Maurice Papon.

France braced for 'anti-vax, anti-science, anti-state' protests

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Health minister Olivier Véran has written to health workers saying he will not accept any violence, intimidation, attack on them.

Record turnout for protests against France's Covid 'health pass'

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Nationwide protests against the introduction as of Monday in France of the requirement to carry a 'health pass' showing that a person has no coronavirus infection, or has had a double Covid jab, when entering public venues or before boarding trains and planes drew around 237,000 people, according to official estimates.

Third weekend of protests in France against Covid health pass law

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More than 200,000 people, according to official figures, took part in marches around France this weekend protesting against recently introduced measures which require a person to carry a health pass showing they are free of coronavirus infection or vaccinated before entering a wide range of public venues.

Protesters against Covid-19 restrictions clash with police in Paris

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An official with France's interior ministry said 161,000 people had demonstrated across the country on Saturday.

Protests on Bastille Day amid anger at tighter Covid rules

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Demonstrations in Paris and other cities over plan for mandatory vaccinations for health workers and vaccine pass for public places.

Mali: Protesters call for French troops to leave

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Some demonstrators waved Russian flags and held banners calling for greater cooperation between Mali and Russia.

Protest in France in support of regional languages

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Protestors are unhappy over recent rejection by French constitutional court of parts of a law intended to protect regional languages. 

Protests in France as man who killed Jewish woman avoids trial

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The decision not to try Kobili Traoré over 2017 killing of Sarah Halimi, 65, has provoked international outrage.

Tens of thousands protest against new French security bill

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Demonstrators, including gilet jaunes or 'yellow vest' activists, also protested against Covid restrictions.