Anatomy of (another) retreat by the Hollande government

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Last Friday a minister insisted that the government's bill on the family was going ahead as planned. Then on Sunday a pro-family march by right-wingers attracted around 100,000 protesters and was hailed a success. By Monday morning the government had announced it would oppose any controversial amendments to the new bill – and in the afternoon it declared it was dropping the entire measure for at least a year. Lénaïg Bredoux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report on a retreat by the government in the face of protests.

France puts off law after 'family values' protest

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Day after more than 100,000 marched against 'family phobia', government delays bill to modernise the law to reflect new 'diversity' of families.

Activists block 1,000-cow dairy farm in France

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Protestors chain themselves to posts to stop building of farm in Somme which they liken to 'factory farming' and say will destroy the countryside.

Sex workers protest as French parliament examines prostitution bill

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'You sleep with us and you vote against us,' shouted a group of prostitutes outside parliament as a divided National Assembly began debating the bill.

France's Hollande booed at tribute to fallen WWI soldiers

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After what are thought to have been the first such Armistice Day protests against a French president, police arrested 70 people demonstrators.

France to postpone contested new truck tax 'by six months'

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Unpopular eco-tax will be implemented next July after local and European elections, says newspaper, as protests against green measure continue.

Schoolchildren protest expulsion from France of girl pupils

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Thousands of schoolchildren demonstrated in Paris and elsewhere against the expulsion of a girl student to Kosovo and another to Armenia.

Anger mounts in France over 'cash machine' road speed cameras

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Motorists and even police are increasingly critical of the speed traps that are forecast to earn the French state 800 million euros in fines next year.

Anti-gay marriage protestors fill central Paris

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Police said 150,000 people attended a Paris march against France's newly-introduced same-sex marriage law, while organisers claimed one million.

French voters have had enough of François Hollande and his government

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Austerity and corruption – and disgust at the style of the presidency – have created profound disillusionment on the Left a year after the election.

Hollande calls for calm over gay marriage law

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President François Hollande has urged France to put the divisive gay marriage debate behind it, calling for 'calm, understanding and respect'.

The pride and prejudice as France adopts same-sex marriage law

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France is set to become the 14th country worldwide - and the ninth in Europe - to open up marriage to homosexual couples after its parliament on Tuesday voted in favour of a bill of law to give marriage and adoption rights to couples of the same sex. It now remains for the socialist government to enact the law, while a group of conservative opposition MPs, whose UMP party has campaigned against the bill, have promised to contest it before France’s Constitutional Council. The vote on an issue that has divided public opinion comes after six months of demonstrations for and against amid sometimes hysterical rhetoric from politicians. Mediapart reporters joined separate rallies in Paris held by opponents and supporters of the marriage reform. The opinions expressed reveal apparently irreconcilable views over the issue, while many gays spoke of their indignation and fear over the upsurge in insults and violence they have personally witnessed since last autumn.

Last-ditch anti-gay marriage protest in Paris

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Two days before a final vote onFrance's same-sex marriage bill, thousands of opponents demonstrated in Paris in a last bid to block the legislation.

French Senate starts gay marriage debate amid protests

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France's upper chamber of parliament has begun examining bill which gives homosexual couples the right to marry and adopt children.

Gay marriage supporters stage weekend of demonstrations across France

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The demonstrations are a response to the recent mobilisation of thousands of opponents of the government’s plan to legalise gay marriage.