Thousands in fresh Paris protest denouncing racism, police brutality

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A procession of around 15,000 people, according to official estimates, marched through central Paris on Saturday, along with several thousand in other cities and towns across France, protesting racism and police violence in the country and highliting the case of a black man who died in strikingly similar circumstances to Afro-American George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Roma boy 'kicked in face' adds to claims of French police brutality

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French interior minister Christophe Castaner said the case of Gabriel Djordjevic, 14, who sustained a fracture to his eye socket and four broken teeth after he claimed he was kicked by a police officer, was 'troubling'.  

How George Floyd case has fuelled protest at similar death in France

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Protests around France continued on Thursday over alleged racist violence by police, prompted by a campaign by the family of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old man of Malian origin, for a full investigation into his death in police custody allegedly from asphyxiation, and the outrage over the death in the US of George Floyd, 46, an Afro-American who was suffocated by a police officer during his arrest in Minneapolis.   

Algeria recalls envoy over protest documentaries on French TV

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Algeria  singled out two documentaries broadcast on Tuesday by France 5 and the former colonial power's Parliamentary Channel, about the recent protests.

Protests target Lebanon's banks over financial meltdown


In Lebanon, the lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic came as the final blow to the Middle East nation’s collapsed economy which has left half of the population living in poverty. Mass anti-government demonstrations which erupted last autumn have now flared up again amid food shortages and galloping inflation. Their anger has now turned on Lebanon’s banks for having acted as the burning fuse for the financial meltdown. Justine Babin and Nada Maucourant Atallah report from the capital Beirut.

French police use tear gas on climate activists in 'peaceful' sit-in

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Environmentalist organisation Extinction Rebellion posted photos on social media protesting at police dousing what it called a 'peaceful' sit-in by its activists at an airport near Chambéry, south-east France, who were calling for fewer flights and 'coherence between political decisions and acts'.

Pension reform protests continue with march through Paris

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The now two-month long, union-led series of street protests and strikes against the French government's planned reform of the national pensions system saw another day of action with a march through Paris on Thursday, when  unions representing employees from the capital's transport network announced they would strike on February 17th during the draft legislation's passage through parliament.

Macron targeted at theatre, blaze at restaurant he partied victory in

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To a backdrop of high social tensions over government pension reform plans, French President Emmanuel Macron had to be evacuated from a Parisian theatre after a group of protestors arrived during a performance, while hours later a fire was started at a Montparnasse restaurant well known as the place where he celebrated his first-round victory in the 2017 presidential elections.

Nurses, teachers and lawyers join pension protests in France

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Dozens of school close and rail services severely hit as demonstration enters 36th day and as talks over pension reforms are due to resume Friday.

Macron to step into pension reforms fray on New Year's Eve

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After weeks of union-led strikes and protests against government plans to reform France's pension system, and which have severely disrupted transport services, notably in the Greater Paris Region, French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to finally relieve his prime minister on the political frontline by announcing measures to break the deadlock during the traditional presidential New Year's Eve TV address on Tuesday.

French trades union and 'Yellow Vests' protests continue over weekend

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Demonstrations accompanying rolling strikes against pension reforms that began Thursday and the latest 'Yellow Vest' protests against social inequalities were held over the weekend across France, upping pressure on the government ahead of more walkouts and protests called for next week.

France paralysed by general strike over pension reforms

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France's trades unions claimed a nationwide turnout of 1.5 million people, estimated at 860,000 by the interior ministry, in marches and demonstrations that marked a general strike on Thursday by mostly public sector, but also private sector, workers in protest against planned reforms to the pension system, and which brought public transport to a virtual standstill.

Yellow vest protests marred by violence in Paris

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Yellow vest demonstrators held marches in towns and cities across France on Saturday, as the social protest movement against falling living standards for low- and middle-income earners marks one year of consecutive weekly action, when the interior ministry claimed a nationwide turnout of about 28,000, the highest since April, while in Paris groups of troublemakers who burned vehicles and attacked commercial property clashed with police in Paris who made more than 120 arrests.

French hospital staff in nationwide protests over underfunding

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French public hospital workers held protest marches in Paris and other cities across the country on Thursday over pay, working conditions and chronic underfunding of services which have led to a shortage of beds and vital equipment, and an exodus of staff towards the private sector.   

French students protest poverty conditions after self-immolation

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For the third day running, French university students continued to mount protests on Wednesday over poor living conditions, prompted by the self-immolation of a student in Lyon who had cited his financial problems as the reason for his act.