Paris court rules against Apple in case against 'tax evasion' protestors acting in 'general interest'


At the end of a legal case brought by tech giant Apple against alter-globalisation organisation ATTAC, in which the tech giant sought a three-year ban on activists demonstrating in and outside its stores in France to highlight the firm’s tax-avoidance schemes, a Paris court has ruled in favour of ATTAC, describing its campaign as being in the “general interest”. Martine Orange reports.

Apple turns red over tax protests at its French stores

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In an extraordinary move, American tech giant Apple this week applied before a Paris court for a three-year ban to be imposed on alter-globalisation group ATTAC from continuing with its recent demonstrations at the company’s stores in France in a campaign to denounce its tax-dodging practices. Mediapart economics and business correspondent Martine Orange was in court to follow the hearing which, she reports here, has above all served to further tarnish the iPhone maker's image.

French carehome staff in national protest at undermanning, cost cuts

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Care workers mounted nationwide protests on Tuesday complaining they are under increasing pressure to cut corners on feeding, cleaning and hygiene care for those living in France's 7,000 nursing homes, and denouncing a government reform of elderly care as further threatening jobs and the quality of services.

Striking French prison guards clash with riot police

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Violent clashes between prison guards and riot police erupted on Friday outside the vast Fleury-Mérogis prison near Paris on the fifth day of national industrial action by jail staff across France protesting at undermanning and security, as news emerged that inmates had attacked and wounded staff in a prison in Corsica.

Guards block prisons around France in protest over security conditions

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Prison staff unions protesting against undermanning and insecurity in France's notoriously overpopulated jails vowed to continue with their blockades of penitentiaries, prompted by an attack by a prisoner that left three guards wounded last week, until their demands for improved working conditions are met.

Poor turnout for nationwide marches against Macron reforms

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Street protests organised by trades unions in cities and towns across France on Thursday against President Emmanuel Macron's social and economic policies, notably reform of labour laws, were reported to have drawn a lower turnout than in previous demonstrations in September, with police claiming that 8,000 demonstrators joined marches in Paris against union estimates of 40,000. 

Polanski to attend 'indecent' lifework tribute in Paris despite row

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Feminist militants are planning a demonstration against a French cinema institution's tribute on Monday to the lifework of veteran film director Roman Polanski which they have described as 'an affront to all rape victims, and particularly Polanski’s victims' in a reference to US charges against him for raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977 and recent claims that he committed other sexual attacks.   

Demonstrations across France against Macron labour law reforms

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Protest marches were held across major French towns and cities on Tuesday, joined by strike action notably among transport workers, in opposition to President Emmanuel Macron's business-friendly reforms to free-up the labour law, notably making it easier for firms to hire and fire, which are due to be implemented later this month.

Opposition mounts over Macron move to give wife official status

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An online petition against French President Emmanuel Macron's move to give official 'First Lady' status to his wife Brigitte, presented in a bill of law before parliament last week, has attracted 200,000 signatures, arguing that there is no justification that public funds should be granted to his spouse.

French Guiana protesters reject €1 billion aid offer

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Instead labour leaders behind the massive strikes in French overseas region want a package of measures worth €2.5 billion right away.

French Guiana paralysed by heightening protests

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Social unrest amid complaints about crime, living costs and poor healthcare has paralysed French Guiana for days, shutting down its international airport and forcing the cancellation of the launch of two Arianespace rockets intended to place in orbit communication satellites.

Paris protest over police violence ends in clashes and 26 arrests

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A students' rally in Paris on Thursday to protest the recent alleged rape of a young black man by a police officer wielding a telescopic truncheon ended in violent clashes with anti-riot police, while pupils used rubbish bins to blockade about a dozen secondary schools in the capital.

French police protests grow in flash demonstrations around France

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French President François Hollande said Friday he will meet with police officers' representatives on Monday after dozens of street protests by officers increased around the country this week, sparked buy a horrific firebomb attack earlier this month on a police patrol car, demanding more personnel and material means amid the increased pressure of anti-terrorism operations.

French police protests against violent attacks continue

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Police officers angry at increasing attacks against them - the latest in the form of Molotov cocktails thrown into a patrol car, leaving a policewoman badly burned and her male colleague in a critical condition - have held fresh demonstrations in which they cprotested against under-staffing and inadequate equipment.

Anti-labour law reform protestors march again around France

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Unions claimed 170,000 joined nationwide demonstrations against the socialist government's labour law reforms, despite the fact they have already become law through use of a decree that bypassed parliamentary approval.