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Paris protest over police violence ends in clashes and 26 arrests

A students' rally in Paris on Thursday to protest the recent alleged rape of a young black man by a police officer wielding a telescopic truncheon ended in violent clashes with anti-riot police, while pupils used rubbish bins to blockade about a dozen secondary schools in the capital.

French police protests grow in flash demonstrations around France

French President François Hollande said Friday he will meet with police officers' representatives on Monday after dozens of street protests by officers increased around the country this week, sparked buy a horrific firebomb attack earlier this month on a police patrol car, demanding more personnel and material means amid the increased pressure of anti-terrorism operations.

French police protests against violent attacks continue

Police officers angry at increasing attacks against them - the latest in the form of Molotov cocktails thrown into a patrol car, leaving a policewoman badly burned and her male colleague in a critical condition - have held fresh demonstrations in which they cprotested against under-staffing and inadequate equipment.

Anti-labour law reform protestors march again around France

Unions claimed 170,000 joined nationwide demonstrations against the socialist government's labour law reforms, despite the fact they have already become law through use of a decree that bypassed parliamentary approval.

French socialists call off conference amid fears of violent protests

Party boss Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said militants were threatening to attack party members in Nantes where conference was due to be held.

The duty to protest


Last week the French authorities banned a planned march in Paris by trade unions opposed to labour law reforms, before eventually backing down partially and allowing a more limited demonstration. Here Mediapart's editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel argues that demonstrating is a constitutional right and that, by banning the march that the trade unions wanted, the government violated the fundamental law that guarantees all our freedoms. It is, he writes, our duty to resist this unlawful act in order to defend our common ideal: democracy.

Fresh anti-labour law reform protests held in French cities

The FO union claimed the target figure of one million people turned out in nationwide marches against reform bill aimed at liberalising labour market.

Blockades are a 'weapon to make people aware' say French labour law protesters

The protest against the labour law reforms held in Montpellier on May 26th, 2016. © T.A The protest against the labour law reforms held in Montpellier on May 26th, 2016. © T.A

Amid blockades of oil depots and strikes in a number of key sectors in France, opponents against planned labour law reforms in France took to the streets again on Thursday May 26th. Mediapart spoke to people taking part in a march in the city of Montpellier, in the south of France, to find out why they are protesting. The demonstrators say they fully back the strikes and blockades which they see as their equivalent of article 49-3 of the French Constitution which is being used to force the deeply-controversial reforms through Parliament. Timothée Aldebert reports.

France labour dispute: Hollande 'won't back down' over protests

Speaking from G7 summit in Japan, French president insisted the changes that have sparked protests, strikes and blockades are 'good reforms'.

France labour dispute: wave of strike action nationwide

Oil refineries, nuclear power plants and transport hubs were hit, motorways and bridges were blocked and protesters clashed with police.

France prepares for day of strikes as nuclear workers join protests

French workers are staging an eighth day of industrial action against labour law reforms as nuclear staff aim to reduce plants' power output.

French officer decorated over response to police car attack

Paris cop Kevin Philippy calmly blocked several blows from a bar-wielding protester before walking away from the attacker and blazing car.

Truckers block roads in week of protest in France

Unions kicked off a fresh wave of street protests and strikes across France over labour reforms which President Hollande insists will go ahead.

Protests across France as labour law reform bill moves to upper house

The street protests, led by trades unions and often marred by violence by hooded youths, attracted tens of thousands in Paris and other major cities.

France labour unrest: clashes erupt at May Day march

Police responded with tear gas when youths began throwing missiles, bringing the protest march in Paris to a standstill.