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French ministers condemn violence during labour law protests

Premier Manuel Valls says 'irresponsible minority' will be 'brought to justice' after 24 police officers were injured and 124 people arrested.

Policeman seriously hurt as France's labour reform protests turn violent

New wave of street protests unfold as student groups and unions try to keep pressure up just days before MPs debate controversial labour bill.

Protests against French forces in Mali turn deadly

Security forces fired warning shots as locals protested against arrests by French forces of people suspected of links to Islamist militants.

French PM's gamble to defuse student revolt against labour law reform

Manuel Valls, with labour minister Myriam El Khomri (l) and education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, meeting with student representatives on Monday. © Reuters Manuel Valls, with labour minister Myriam El Khomri (l) and education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, meeting with student representatives on Monday. © Reuters

François Hollande’s expected bid for a new term of office in presidential elections next year is facing a serious threat from growing student anger over his government’s proposed new labour law. A string of national protests have brought student and trades unions onto the streets in recent weeks against what they see as a pro-business, retrograde reform that heightens job insecurity at a time of record unemployment. The perspective of a spring revolt prompted the government to present a package of measures for the young on Monday, worth a yearly 500 million euros and aimed at easing access to the labour market and to provide financial aid for the worst off. But while the measures were broadly met with approval, the student unions vowed to continue the battle against the reform. Faïza Zerouala reports.

French PM offers students new concessions to defuse labour law revolt

A package of financial measures for students and first-time job seekers, costing around 500 million euros, met with approval from main students' union.

France's all-night Nuit Debout protests roll on - back in time

The sit-ins which began in central Paris on March 31st, spreading across France and to abroad, refuse April can begin until society is overhauled.

Demonstrators and police clash as labour law reform protests continue

Violence flared in latest nationwide protests by students and workers over proposed labour law reforms, which are set to continue on Wednesday.

Students clash with police at protests against French labour reform

Students hurled bottles at riot police in Paris and Nantes in anger at planned employment law that has now been approved by ministers.

French students take to streets in labour law reform protests

School and university students took to the streets across France to protest government's proposed reform to free-up the labour market.

French government fails to convince students protesting labour reforms

President François Hollande, already deeply unpopular, faces growing anger from left-wing youth organisations that would usually back him.

Nationwide demonstrations in France against labour law reform

Early reports were of a lower than expected turnout for the protests against proposed reforms that reduce rights and safeguards for employees. 

French PM calls on Brussels to increase support for farmers

Amid increasing protests by French farmers Manuel Valls says EU has 'done too little, too late' in response to downturn in agricultural markets.

Anti-migrant protesters in Calais clash with police

Officers forced to break up demonstration by 150 protesters in Calais carrying signs such as 'This is our home' and waving the French flag.

Migrants and activists to stand trial after weekend incidents in Calais

Six migrants and two activists from No Borders group will stand trial Monday after they were arrested for storming a ferry in the Channel port.

More than 100 arrests as Paris scuffles precede climate summit

Arrests followed a peaceful protest in which 10,000 people formed 3km human chain along the route of a cancelled march against climate change.