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Conch shell from French cave may be prehistoric wind instrument

Scientists believe a conch shell found in a cave of prehistoric paintings in the French Pyrenees and which since 1931 remained largely forgotten in a French museum, is likely to be a musical intrument dating from around 18,000 years ago due to modifications to the shell which have only recently been studied.

France airlifts two bears into Pyrénées, evading roadblocks

Bears from Slovenia brought in to boost depleted French population, sparking protests by farmers who complain animals are threat to livestock.

French museum reveals rare mastodon skull kept secret by farmer

A farmer working his land in south-west France discovered the skull of a massive four-tusked ancestor of the elephant believed to have roamed the Pyrenees millions of years ago but kept his exceptional find secret for two years for fear that his property would become an excavation site, the Natural History Museum of Toulouse has revealed.

Armed and masked men declare war on France’s bears

Brown bears, a protected species, were blamed for deaths of about 450 sheep who fell over cliffs while being chased by the bears.

Basque separatist ETA leader arrested in France

Mikel Irastorza, aged 41, who has been on the run since 2008, was detained in a house in Ascain, a village near the Pyrénées mountains.

French farmers protest plans to release more wild bears

Protestors in and near the French Pyrénées are also unhappy at the protection given to wolves and vultures in 're-wilding' programme.

Famous French Pyrenees bear Balou found dead

Officials say the 11 year-old animal, whose 'godparents' were actors Gérard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant, 'probably' died from a fall.