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France to be added to UK quarantine countries

Britain said the measure - which also applies to people travelling from Monaco, Malta, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba - would kick in from 4am on Saturday.

France reveals reciprocal quarantine plans for UK arrivals

It comes after Britain's Home Secretary Priti Patel revealed quarantine plans for visitors to the UK from the same date in June.

UK now says no quarantine exemption for arrivals from France

The British government on Friday said that travellers arriving from France would not be exempt from a two-week quarantine measure over the Covid-19 virus pandemic, insisting that there had been a misunderstanding about a statement a week ago that said there was no requirement 'at this stage'.

French travellers exempted from UK quarantine measures

New quarantine measures on people arriving in the UK, who are now required to confine themselves over a 14-day period as a precaution against them otherwise transmitting the Covid-19 virus, will not apply to arrivals from France in a decision announced after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the issue by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron.

France set to impose 14-day coronavirus quarantine for travellers

New quarantine rules to be included in a decree specifying measures laid out in a bill extending a state of emergency until July 24, a move that allows the government to restrict freedom of movement.