Protesting French farmers turn on their own leaders

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Despite the French government's attempt to calm the situation, angry farmers are continuing to protest over the prices they are receiving for their produce. On Sunday evening a group of farmers even went to the home of agriculture minister Stéphane Le Foll to demand action. But as Mediapart's Karl Laske found when he visited Finistère in Brittany in the west of France, farmers are not only angry with politicians – but with their own union leaders and local cooperatives too.

French radio goes to war with language quotas in fight for musical freedom

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Government plans law to stop radio stations circumventing rules that state that 40 percent of songs played must be in French.

France to offer asylum to 24,000 refugees

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Speaking at a press conference in Paris, President François Hollande said his country had a duty to take in those fleeing war and persecution.

France backs EU plan for migrant quotas

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Visiting Malta, French European affairs minister Harlem Désir said genuine asylum seekers should be relocated equally among member states.

French farmers uneasy as EU ends 30 years of milk quotas

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France's dairy industry, which employs some 200,000 people, fears the sudden flood of extra milk will cause prices to collapse.

French professional football clubs 'apply ethnic quotas' on teams, says top official

France — Investigation

The application of ethnic quotas among players in professional French football clubs is widespread and “to deny it would be absurd”, according to the chairman of France’s Union of Professional Football Clubs, Jean-Pierre Louvel (pictured), whose organisation represents 45 French clubs. His disclosures come two years after Mediapart revealed a scheme by leaders of the French Football Federation (FFF) to introduce ethnic quotas on teenagers joining French national football training academies. Louvel told Mediapart that when a club had a majority of players of African origin “the social life of the club is no longer the same” and referred to problems caused by “the human relations of Africans”. Questioned by Mediapart, FFF chairman Noël Le Graët said he “couldn’t give a damn” about Louvel’s comments. French sports minister Valérie Fourneyron on Tuesday ordered the FFF to take an official position on Louvel’s remarks. Fabrice Arfi and Michaël Hajdenberg report. 

Blanc apologises as 'quota' row intensifies (Irish Times)

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Exclusive: French football chiefs' secret plan to whiten 'les Bleus'

France — Investigation

Members of the French Football Federation's National Technical Board, including the France team coach Laurent Blanc (pictured), have secretly elaborated a plan to impose quotas on the number of young black players and those of North African origin among the country's youth training centres which groom potential candidates for the national team, Mediapart can reveal in this exclusive investigation.