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Former students sue French state for 'racist' stop and search

Case is latest legal battle in France over men of black and north African heritage being routinely pulled over and asked to show identity papers.

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Chelsea fans found guilty over racist violence on Paris Metro

Four men given suspended one-year sentences by French court for singing racist songs and stopping a black man from boarding Metro in Paris.

Outrage over French estate agent advert specifying 'no blacks'

The racist advert, placed in an estate agent's office in a Paris suburb and subsequently photographed and posted on social media, demanded that candidates to become tenants of an apartment should be of French nationality and not black.

British foootball fans caught on video pushing black man off Paris metro train

The Chelsea fans, in Paris for a match against PSG, were filmed singing racist chants and repeatedly preventing the man from boarding the train.

French far-right politician given jail sentence after 'ape' jibe

Anne-Sophie Leclere is given a nine-month jail term and a 50,000-euro fine for likening France's black justice minister to a chimpanzee.

Racist France is back, says country’s first black newsreader

The popular presenter Harry Roselmack claims the recent monkey jibes against the justice minister made him feel 'reduced to my negro condition’.