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French state rail firm called for files on staff who are active on social media

Trains at the gare du Nord in Paris. © Reuters/Charles Platiau Trains at the gare du Nord in Paris. © Reuters/Charles Platiau

On April 17th this year, with the rail strike in full swing, a manager at the busiest railway station in Paris, the Gare du Nord, asked colleagues to create a database on workers who were most active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Unions have condemned the action, saying they fear the firm wants to muzzle staff involved in the industrial action, while lawyers say the move is completely illegal. The state rail company SNCF, meanwhile, dismisses it simply as a “clumsy” local initiative not connected with the strike. Dan Israel reports.

Do French unions have the money to win rail strike battle?

Unions are replenishing their financial resources to try and make industrial action last as long as possible as both SNCF and workers lose money.

France braced for crippling three-month rail strike

Thousands of French rail workers will go on strike for two out of every five days until the end of June, crippling train traffic for 36 days.

French rail strike threatens disruption of baccalauréat exams

The sixth day of a crippling national rail strike coincides with the beginning of crucial nationwide baccalauréat school-leaving exams.

Hollande appeals for end to rail strike

French president calls on unions to be aware 'of everyone’s interests' and end a strike that has crippled rail services since Tuesday evening.