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The Macron Method exposed as social protests continue

France — Analysis

On Monday April 9th France's National Assembly is due to begin examining the government's proposed legislation for a “new railway agreement”. Yet the consultations with the unions about this new pact are still going on. Those unions - whose members began the latest round of two-day rail strikes on Sunday April 8th - are now dismissing the talks with the government as a “farce” and intend to step up their action. Their aim is to expose what they see as a deliberate method employed by President Emmanuel Macron's government: one of talking but not saying anything and of listening without hearing. Ellen Salvi examines the workings of the Macron Method.

French rail unions take on Macron with mass rolling strikes

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Just one in four trains were running in the Paris region as people made their way back to work on what French media dubbed 'Black Tuesday'.