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Lyon airport closed after car smashes through terminal onto runway

A man was arrested on Monday after driving a Mercedes saloon into a terminal building at the airport serving Lyon, France's second-largest city, and then speeding onto the runway area chased by several police cars and an overhead helicopter before he was wrestled to the ground when attempting to flee on foot.

Man who drove into pizzeria east of Paris 'had taken medicinal drugs'

Investigators appear to have ruled out a terrorist motive behind the ramming of a pizzeria in a village east of Paris, when a 32-year-old man, reportedly depressive and under the effects of medicinal drugs, drove at customers sitting at the restaurant's terrace, killing a 13 year-old girl and injuring 13 others, five seriously.

UPDATE: French pizzeria restaurant killer 'not terrorist'

French prosecutors said they did not consider terrorism was the motive of a 31-year-old man who they believe deliberately, under the influence of drugs, drove a BMW car Monday evening into a pizzeria in a village east of Paris, killing outright a girl aged 13 and injuring at least 12 other people, four seriously.

One dead, several injured after car driven into pizzeria east of Paris

A 13-year-old girl died and at least 12 other people were injured, five seriously, after a driver, who was later arrested, drove his car into customers in a pizzeria at Sept-Sorts, near the town of Meaux east of Paris, in what police have described as a deliberate act.