Raphaël Enthoven

French 'philosopher' disowns son over autobiographical novel

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Jean-Paul Enthoven, 71, has publicly disowned his equally famous son Raphaël, not for previously stealing his ex-girlfriend Carla Bruni, but for writing a book he says has left him 'heartbroken', slamming it for revealing people’s private lives in public.

Three years on from the massacre, what has become of the 'spirit of Charlie'?


Three years ago on January 11th, 2015, a series of massive marches were held across France to show solidarity with the victims of the murderous terror attack on the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo four days earlier. Its theme, which went global, was “Je suis Charlie” - “I'm Charlie”. Last Saturday, January 6th, three groups organised a gathering in Paris under the title “Toujours Charlie” or “Still Charlie”. But as Joseph Confavreux reports, the event lacked both the caustic spirit of Charlie Hebdo and the collective spirit of the January 11th marches. Instead, he argues, it was more about the groups involved marking out a political and media niche for themselves.