Inside the bloody world of Islamic State's British 'Beatles'

France — Investigation

In the second of two articles based on interrogations by United States intelligence officials, Mediapart tells the story of the four notorious British jihadists who were to become known as 'The Beatles'. As Matthieu Suc reports, they were the first terrorists to represent to the wider world the true threat posed by Islamic State.

Syrian Kurds announce capture of prominent French IS jihadist

International — Link

Kurdish-led forces say they have captured close to Raqqa, in Syria, French jihadist Adrien Guihal, also known as Abu Osama al-Faransi, who notably voiced the Islamic State group's claim of responsibility for the July 14th 2016 truck rampage attack in Nice which left 86 people dead and more than 400 others injured.

Phone tap reveals panic of Lafarge shareholders over Islamic State funding affair

France — Investigation

An intercepted telephone call involving the former boss of French cement firm Lafarge, which is accused of funding terrorist group Islamic State to keep its Syrian cement plant in production, shows the extend of the “worry” that has gripped the company, which has since become a Franco-Swiss multinational. Just how far – and to whom – will the current judicial investigation extend? Fabrice Arfi reports.

Secret services fear Islamic State 'travel agency' could return jihadists to France

France — Investigation

The Islamic State terrorist organisation has been quietly preparing for the loss of its self-styled Caliphate for several months. France's security services now fear that its fighters might be moved to other areas of jihadist conflict or into Europe. In particular they have have raised concerns over the role of the terrorist's mysterious 'Emigration and Logistics Committee' based in Turkey, the Lebanon and Jordan, amid fears it may be used to send French and other European jihadists back to their country of origin. Matthieu Suc reports.

The threat from Islamic State's 'fifth column' in Europe

France — Investigation

Jihadi veterans have been seeking to cause disarray among European intelligence agencies with hoax attacks that distract from real ones and attempts to infiltrate public agencies and companies. As a result security official are having huge difficulties in trying to measure the true scale of the terrorist threat that faces us. In the last of this lengthy series of investigations on Islamic State's intelligence operations, Matthieu Suc reports on the dangers still posed by jihadist agents operating within Europe despite Islamic State's major reverses in Iraq and Syria.