Paris train and bus operator RATP accused over handling of sexual violence cases

France— Investigation

The huge public transport operator for the Paris region, Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, better known by its initials RATP, faces claims over the way it handles allegations of sexual and sexist violence against its female staff. Pregnant employees say they have been badly treated, some women say that perpetrators of sexual violence against them have gone unpunished, while others say that the transport operator's internal procedures dealing with such allegations are not sufficiently clear. Célia Mebroukine investigates the allegations involving the world’s fourth largest public transport operator.

Chaos as Paris transport workers strike over pension reforms

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The Paris transport network was severely disrupted on Friday as staff unions led a one-day strike over proposed government reforms to their pension benefits as part of a plan to merge France's 42 different pension schemes into a single points-based system.

Paris embellishes skyline with organic rooftop farms

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Metro operator RATP has become one of the first companies to host a commercial farm on one of its roofs.

Roma 'prohibited' by drivers from travelling on Paris buses

France— Investigation

The French citizens’ rights watchdog, the Défenseur des droits, is investigating a complaint that a bus driver with the Paris public transport system, the RATP, refused to let three young Roma men with valid travel passes climb aboard his vehicle, allegedly saying ‘dirty Romanians, you’re like dogs’. Witnesses have come forward to confirm the incident which, as Carine Fouteau reports, is just one of a series involving allegedly discriminatory behaviour against Roma by RATP staff, and which drivers' union officials say they “cannot deny” happen.

Paris bus driver 'beaten up by police officers'


On the face of it, the incident looked like yet another regrettable but sadly all-too common attack on a bus company employee. But in the middle of the assault on the 35-year-old in central Paris, one of the two assailants pulled out his warrant card and told onlookers he was a police officer. The police complaints authority is now investigating. However, as Louise Fessard reports, despite the attack being captured on video surveillance cameras and the fact that the attackers are readily identifiable, no arrests have yet been made.