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France suggests it is ready to give weapons to Syria rebels

Presidsent François Hollande speaks of a 'controlled framework' to arm rebels caught between Syrian government and Islamist rebels.

French seek to prevent rebel revival in Mali

As new President takes up office, French military engineers unearth weapons buried in desert sands by fleeing militia.

Central African Republic rebels in capital, France sends troops

Paris sends in more troops to secure international airport as rebels clash with government forces in captal of the mineral-rich former French colony.

Britain and France 'will arm Syrian rebels even without EU support'

Paris and London will call for bringing forward the date of the next European Union meeting on the Syria arms embargo.

Mali seeks French help against extremists

Plea comes in wake of successful offensive by extremist and terrorist groups who control the northern half of the country and are heading south.

Protestors attack French embassy in Central African Republic

France ups security for its citizens in the Central African Republic after its embassy was stoned by crowd demanding it help quash a rebellion.

France funding Syrian rebel civic projects

Senior diplomat says France is providing funds to rebel-held parts of Syria to help restore water supplies, sanitation, health services and bakeries.

Rebel victory is ‘worst outcome’ for Libya

The collapse of Colonel Gaddafi's regime would lead to a dangerous power vacuum in Libya, diplomatic and military sources have warned.

France air-dropped arms to Libyan rebels

France has air-dropped weapons to rebels fighting Col Muammar Gaddafi's troops in Western Libya, the French military has confirmed.