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Pessimistic French more optimistic about EU

According to a poll, 41 percent of French people view the EU positively, up from 31 percent a year ago and the highest since 2008.

France's economy minister vows to push through reforms

Emmanuel Macron said government ready to override parliament again after forcing through package of business-friendly laws without a vote.

French minister ‘received death threats’ over reforms

Emmanuel Macron, whose reforms aim to 'unblock' the French economy, has started legal action against 'certain public officials' after the threats.

French voters like Merkel, back German reform example

Poll says 72 percent hold favourable opinions of German chancellor, way above President Hollande's ratings which have sunk as low as 12 percent.

Merkel brands French and Italian economic reforms 'insufficient'

German chancellor says she agrees with European Commission analysis that Paris has begun reforms but has not yet gone far enough.

France's race against the clock over reforms

French president has 100 days to deliver on changes after EU set a deadline for removing barriers to growth by March 2015.

Hollande under pressure to deliver after policy 'U-turn'

Public embrace of 'supply-side socialism' is generating as much pressure on the French president as are revelations of his personal life.

Hollande details spending cuts and pact for businesses

The French president announces plan to cut 50 billion euros from public spending and a pact to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on companies.

French PM pledges 'deep reform' of tax system

Embattled Jean-Marc Ayrault, while not promising tax cuts, launches a plan of national consultations to improve the just application of taxes.

French economic reforms can’t go any faster, finance minister says

Despite EU concerns, Pierre Moscovici insists pace of economic reform in France is already going 'at a very fast speed' and cannot be accelerated.

IMF warns France needs more reforms to close growing competitiveness gap with neighbors

The IMF, which said that it expects the French economy to shrink 0.2 percent this year, wants the country to reform its economy and labor market.

Francois Hollande tells European Commission it can't 'dictate' to France

French president warns Commission not to give orders after Brussels called for urgent eurozone reforms to avert a “social emergency”.

Hollande education jobs drive finds too few candidates


When, during his presidential election campaign, François Hollande promised the creation of 60,000 jobs in the education sector, he was met with applause and criticism in equal measure. But now, implementation of the plan has met with an obstacle which few had foreseen; there are simply not enough candidates. It reflects a wider and enduring problem of a shortage of teaching staff that threatens to reach a crisis point in many schools, beginning in September. Lucie Delaporte reports.