Anger as Parisians escaping city lockdown head to the countryside

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An exodus from Paris of the wealthy with second homes or those with provincial families to welcome them, hoping to enjoy greener environments with which to live out the nationwide home confinement order issued to contain the spread of the coronavirus, is causing concern in some relatively unaffected regions that the fleeing Parisians are bringing the virus with them. 

France's new regions

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France now has 13 regions instead of 22, though some say it is hard to see who will benefit from the changes.

What would happen in a region run by France's far-right

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The anti-immigration Front National hopes to win three regions in voting this weekend, and plans changes to please grassroots supporters if it does.

The powers of France's 'super' regions

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French regions are in charge of economic development, tourism, business development, professional training and oversee public transport.

Unesco world heritage appellations boost France's wine tourism drive

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The new status for Champagne and Burgundy regions spurs wine tours which are seen as major draw in France's bid to increase tourist numbers.

France unveils capital cities of new super regions


In January 2016 the number of regions in France will be reduced from 22 to 13 as part of a major reform of local government. Last week the government announced the names of the capital cities of these larger regions. But as Feriel Alouti reports, the debate over the way this reform was carried out and the likely impact of the changes still continues.

Winners and losers in the new map of France

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Since François Hollande personally redrew the map of France in June as part of his local government reforms, the shape of the country's regions have been amended several times. However, French MPs recently voted to approve the latest version of the regional boundary changes, which now seems likely to form the new face of France. Mediapart has examined this regional structure, which reduces the number of regions from the current 22 to 13, to see what impact it will have on demographics, economic growth and employment. It seems clear that one result of the reforms will be to increase the wealth of already well-off regions and leave isolated areas languishing even further behind. Yannick Sanchez reports.

France redraws regional boundaries in great map revolution

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The number of French regions is to be cut from 22 to 14 in a reform that looks set to attract strong opposition on both the Left and Right.

Majority of French support changes to France's map

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Poll shows 55 per cent of public are in favour of abolishing the general councils that govern France’s historic departments.

France's Valls wins parliament backing for tax and spend shake-up

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Premier Manuel Valls says Euro is too strong, unveils tax cuts for less well-off and pledges to defend France's social model despite spending cuts.