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Suspect in Orthodox priest shooting in France released

A man was released from police custody in the south-east French city of Lyon on Sunday following his arrest on Saturday based on eye witness descriptions of the gunman who earlier that day shot and seriously wounded a Greek orthodox priest outside his church.

DNA shows man detained in Glasgow is not French fugitive

Police Scotland have confirmed that a man arrested at Glasgow airport on Friday on suspicion of being Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, wanted in France over the murders of his wife and four children in Nantes in 2011, has been released after DNA and finger print comparisons have proven he is not, contrary to earlier widespread media reports, the fugitive.

Briton jailed in France for murdering fiancée freed after two years

Businessman Ian Griffin, 47, was found guilty by a Parios court in December 2014 of murdering 36-year-old Polish-born millionaire Kinga Legg, in a suite at the five-star Bristol hotel in the French capital in May 2009.

Armed gunman escape after shopping mall raid north of Paris

Police released 18 people trapped inside a Primark clothing store in Villeneuve-la-Garenne after an attempted armed robbery.

French family of seven kidnapped in Cameroon freed

France says it paid no ransom for the release of the three adults and four children kidnapped in February, who are reported to be in good health.