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Algeria buries skulls of anti-colonialist fighters returned by France

The skulls of 24 Algerian fighters who were shot and decapitated by occupying French forces during the 19th-century campaign to colonize the country, and which had since been kept in a Paris museum until their return to Algeria this weekend, were buried amid an emotional ceremony at a cemetery close to the capital Algiers on Sunday.

France returns remains of 19th-century Algerian fighters

France is returning to Algeria the remains of 24 combattants killed in the 19th century during the early French colonialisation of the North African country which finally won independence in 1962 after a bitter eight-year war.

France's ancient port of Olbia, sunk below rising sea levels

Unbeknown to some locals and kite surfers who enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters above, part of the remains of ancient Olbia, a settlement first founded by the Greeks in the C4th BC and made into a port by the Romans in the C1st AD, lie just a few metres from the shore near Hyères in southern France, where it finally sank below rising sea levels 1,400 years ago.

Suspect leads police to body of girl who vanished at Alps wedding

A French prosecutor on Wednesday said former army dog-handler Nordahl Lelandais, the chief suspect in the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl from a wedding reception in the French Alps last August, has confessed to 'unintentionally' killing her and led police to a snow-covered ravine where her remains were found.

Body found in France confirmed as Irish 'Disappeared' victim Ruddy

Human remains uncovered in woodland near Rouen in northern France at the weekend have been confirmed after DNA testing as those of Séamus Ruddy, a member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party who disappeared in 1985 when he was working as a school teacher in Paris.

French archeologists uncover remains of 6,000-year-old massacre

Mutilated male skeletons and lopped-off arms found in an ancient underground silo in eastern France suggest a ritualistic killing of raiding warriors.

Algeria refuses to give France samples of remains of beheaded Trappist monks

Algeria refused to send investigators in France crucial samples of the skulls of the seven monks murdered in mysterious circumstances in 1996.

British soldiers buried in France almost 100 years after battle

The British soldiers, killed in action during WWI, have been buried with full military honours after their remains were found in a field in 2009.