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Eight people airlifted from broken funfair ride in France

Helicopter scrambled after revellers spend New Year’s Eve stuck in mid-air in Rennes in west of France.

After year in power, little love for Macron in socialist stronghold

Nearly 9 in 10 voters in Rennes, west France, backed Macron in run-off against Marine Le Pen but he is now seen as favouring the wealthy.

The fight to allow France's poor a dignified burial


Funeral costs in France can often be beyond the means of the least well-off and their surviving relatives. In one region an association has teamed up with an insurance company to offer low-cost cover to ensure that the poor can organise a dignified final ceremony. In other areas local associations are naming and shaming local councils in a bid to force them to carry out their legal obligations to provide decent burial arrangements for the most disadvantaged. Mathilde Goanec reports.

Fatal drugs trial: what the French authorities are hiding

The Rennes headquarters of the firm who carried out the drugs trial, Biotrial. © REUTERS/Stephane Mahe The Rennes headquarters of the firm who carried out the drugs trial, Biotrial. © REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

On January 17th, 2016, a volunteer died after taking part in a drugs trial in the west of France, while four others suffered suspected brain damage. The company who conducted the trial and supervisory authorities have insisted that the tragedy was “unprecedented” and could not have been foreseen. However, new evidence has emerged that a volunteer in a earlier trial with the same drug suffered side effects and that a later MRI scan shows he suffered a stroke. Yet this information appears to have been concealed by the medical and health authorities. Mediapart's science correspondent Michel de Pracontal reports.

French interior minister warns of tougher policing of protests

Bernard Cazeneuve was speaking after regular violence during weeks of protests against labour law reforms, with casualties among police and protestors alike.

Three investigations launched into drug trial disaster in France

The probes are to determine if the procedure of the trial, which left one man brain dead and three other critically ill, was at fault, or the drug.

French drug trial leaves one person brain dead, five critically ill

The six people were volunteers in now-suspended trials for a new pharmaceutical drug performed in a laboratory in the western city of Rennes.

French archaelogists find rare well-preserved body of 17th-century woman

The clothed body, believed to be that of a noblewoman, was found at a convent site in Rennes, Brittany, reportedly with organs and brain intact.