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The geographical limits to social mobility in France


The upward social mobility of the children of blue collar workers in France varies significantly depending upon the region in which they are born, and has little to do with local economic opportunities, concludes a study, the first of its kind, published this month by a French government agency advising on national development policies. Mathilde Goanec reports.

Report finds staff on Amsterdam-Paris terror attack train reacted well

Internal probe finds staff on Thalys train, accused of leaving passengers to deal alone with gunman, had in fact showed "best possible" reaction.

Vanity Fair report of Paris Chief Rabbi's rescue from hate mob denied

Jewish officials and police in France say US magazine's report that special forces rescued Michel Gugenheim from synagogue in 2014 was untrue.

Parliamentary study finds air pollution costs France 100bln euros per year

A Senate report said the estimated costs were mostly on medical care, but included lower crop production and cleaning of blackened buildings.

UNICEF report sounds alarm over rising child poverty in France

The UN child agency said an extra 440,000 minors fell into poverty between 2008-12, reaching one in five today, 30,000 of whom are homeless.

French nuclear safety agency warns of Flamanville EPR meltdown risk

By Pascale Pascariello
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French nuclear safety inspectors have discovered numerous faults with crucial safety valves in the cooling system of what will be one of the world’s biggest nuclear power plants under construction at Flamanville, on the Channel coast, Mediapart can reveal. The malfunctioning valves for the Areva-designed, third-generation European Pressurized Reactor could cause its meltdown, in a similar scenario to the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the US. The inspectors’ damning confidential report, obtained by Mediapart, follows the revelation last month that the Flamanville EPR reactor’s vessel contained excessive amounts of carbon that could cause it to crack. Pascale Pascariello reports.

Germanwings crash co-pilot 'set fast descent on earlier flight'

French crash report says Andreas Lubitz repeatedly set Spain-bound plane to drop to 100ft before slamming it into French Alps on return flight.

French food waste report urges restaurants adopt doggy bag

Government-commissioned report on tackling vast food wastage urges the hitherto unthinkable introduction of the doggy bag in restaurants.

Revealed: the hidden study that says all France’s electricity can come from renewables by 2050

Mediapart has gained access to a report by the French government’s environment and energy agency which concludes that France’s electricity supply, of which 75% is currently produced by nuclear power, could be entirely provided by renewable energies in 2050. Furthermore, the study found that a 100% reliance on renewables is not only materially and technologically feasible, but that it would also cost relatively little more than the electricity supply in which nuclear power plays a key part. The study was due to be made public this month, but its publication has now been inexplicably postponed until after the summer, and after key energy strategy decisions are to be taken by the government. In this report by Christophe Gueugneau and Jade Lindgaard, Mediapart presents the study in its entirety and highlights the key findings.

Report slams Pasteur Institute for loss of SARS virus tubes - and finds it also lost a freezer storing them


Earlier this year it was revealed that the Pasteur Institute had lost more than 2,300 vials containing the potentially deadly SARS virus that were stocked on its premises in Paris. Mediapart has gained access to a confidential report of the investigation launched into the blunder, and from which it emerges that not only the vials went missing, but also the boxes and a freezer in which they were stored. The investigation contradicts the institute’s claim that the missing virus samples were no longer dangerous, and says that access to where they were kept was alarmingly insecure. Michel de Pracontal details the findings.

Air France Paris-Rio crash due to 'human error'

June 2009 crash which killed all 228 people on board 'could have been avoided if the crew had taken appropriate action' says expert report.

France denies report it paid 18M-dollar ransom for Syria hostages

German magazine Focus cited NATO sources in a report that Paris paid the kidnappers of four French journalists freed earlier this month.

Yasser Arafat 'was not poisoned' - leaked French report

Experts in Paris reportedly reject suggestions the PLO leader may have died from polonium poisoning, saying he had a 'generalised infection'.

French fracking ban 'should be eased to assess shale reserves'

Dozens of exploration wells could be drilled in regions where seismic data has indicated promising reserves, a parliamentary commission said.

French official report slams 'absurd' norms regulations

Rules on the length of a baguette or the composition of pavement concrete cost France an estimated 2 billion euros between 2008-2011.